Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What's a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Look Like?

Here's what a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (NPPL) Looks Like in Pakistan. NPPL Obama didn't waste any time showing the world his credentials.

Here's what a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (NPPL) Looks Like in Aleppo, Syria After Obama Sent Them Greetings from the USAF.

Here's what a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (NPPL) Looks Like to a Child Being Threatened by Obama's and Israel's Private Army, ISIS.

Here's what a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (NPPL) Looks Like to a Libyan Child Experiencing First Hand Our Dear Leader's Kindness!

Here's what a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (NPPL) Looks Like to an Incinerated Palestinian Child, Murdered with American Weapons, Money and Political Backing.

Couldn't find a pic of NPPL Obama's Glorious Kills in Afghanistan, like Sadiq Rahim Jan, murdered in Gardda Zarrai, in the eastern Afghan province of Paktia because the drone missile that hit his food stand blew him into so many pieces, they had difficulty finding enough to bury.

NPPL Obama has a special fondness for Yemeni wedding party's!

Wonder How Many More Muslim Civilians OBOMBER will Murder To Justify His Nobel Peace Prize?


  1. Don't forget his humanitarian work in Libya. Somebody owes the descendants of Alfred Nobel an apology. The people who've been handing out these "peace prizes" have forever tainted the man's legacy.

  2. Surely, you mean Nobel Piss Prize ??

  3. If only he could read this post. They must filter so they don't run into themselves on the net. Like the Israelis do, literally. Those people are provided with a special software to block "antisemitism" so they stay in a kind of internet fantasy land. The other thing they do is spam everyone else with porn.

  4. Richard, good point. It's difficult keeping up with all the war crimes.

  5. OMG, that baby with guns pointed at him! It's so horrible and real. Americans have no idea what is going on in Syria and now Kerry/Kohen has lobbied for a no fly zone for Russian and Syria.

    I have worked with refugees and believe me,they would not leave their country if it were not hell on earth and certain death.

    How long will the Jews wreak havoc on the entire planet with the help of their attack dog, the American military?

    It seems Americans have no heart heart or soul, and instead want to waste time making idiotic videos about masons, Hollywood celebrities, NASA, flat earth, and all sorts of garbage. Not enough that they are ignorant of any real knowledge, but have no concept of the suffering taking place in the world, let alone doing anything to help.

    WWIII will come, and we'll see what they say then.

    I do not believe Isrealhell will be around after 2018.



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