Friday, October 28, 2016

Fill in the Blank: "Hillary Clinton is a _____________________?"

Hillary Clinton is a ....

1. Vile, petty, mean, sadistic bitch, who nurses grudges over slights, real or imagined for decades.

2. Shameless whore for Wall Street and Israel, who has and will kill anyone, as long as her (((Masters))) toss some shekels at her knees.

3. Stone cold psycho-killer, who goes orgasmic when thinking about or actually murdering someone, but gets really high if they're Muslim.

4. The next POTUS.

5. All of the above.

Do you really want someone this mentally unstable to be in control of the USA's several thousand nuclear weapons?

More laughter from this psycho-killer, chortling about the murder of American personnel in Benghazi. What a truly sick fuck.

Here's my take on what happened in Benghazi. It's been shown that the weapons looted from Libyan arsenals were being shipped to US/Israel/Saudi Arabia terrorists in Syria. Someone at the Benghazi consulate either learned too much or had an attack of conscience and was going to talk.

That's when the Killer Queen sent in some of her 'Allahu Akbar Inc' thugs to brutally murder four Americans there and forever shut their mouths.


  1. You left out "she devil." Paul Craig Roberts, I think, used that description of her. Hard to say for sure who killed Stevens, or had him killed, although your theory is at least plausible. For what it's worth, the ambassador seems to have been well-liked by a certain number of Libyans.

  2. Greg, check this out!!!!

    2006 Audio Emerges of Hillary Clinton Proposing Rigging Palestine Election
    Unearthed tape: 'We should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win'

  3. Rigging the Palestinian elections? They got Israel's good buddy, Abbas, who's now 'El Presidente' since 2009.

  4. that theory never occurred to me
    could be

  5. He had her,he humiliated her,she cried
    It seems like a love affair gone bad.
    Like Bush and Saddamm
    Saddam turned on the crooks
    They came,they cowered,we won
    Bush got his personal revenge for the failed attempt on daddy,along with other issues.
    I see the same thing,they had personal relationship,he burned her some way,now she looks like a schoolgirl whos brother beat up the ex who hurt her feelings????
    That is my delusional comment of the day
    fact or fiction????
    you decide

  6. Won't the reports of her evil deeds never stop?

    She has an insatiable appetite for evil. That, and lesbian sex.

    Did anyone notice the hole in her tongue? That was from a lump removal caused by HPV infection which causes all vaginal cancers. She may also have Syphilis which would cause mental deterioration as what happened to the infamous Al Capone.

    All of her vile and evil deeds are catching up to her.

  7. The lady asking the questions was sober and normal while Hillary is such an arrogant freak.

  8. HRC email leaks: : AMBO Stevens was was working on exposing the Free Syrian Army plot info when HRC planned a purposeful attack on his embassy killing him.


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