Saturday, October 8, 2016

French UN Delegation Posts of Pic of Israeli Destruction of Gaza, Saying it Was Aleppo

The French delegation at the UN yesterday posted a picture of Israeli destruction of Gaza and said it was from Aleppo: they later deleted their tweet

Hmm, either France is in line to get hit with another Jew False Flag or someone in the French delegation is hinting that they aren't getting enough shekels to keep up the Zionist propaganda!

So if what the French delegation is implying, that this kind of destruction is tantamount to a war crime, when will Israel CRIME MINISTER Nuttyahoo be arrested and stand trial for his myriad number of war crimes against Palestine?



Now that the Zionists and their Yid Overlords are fuming about their deteriorating situation in Syria, it's time to wave the False Flag against Syria by using a German bombing plot which is being blamed on a SYRIAN refugee.

You can see how stupid and brainwashed they think us GOY are by the above blog pic about the real terrorists, the USA and it's NATO allies, along with Israel, using a pic of a bombed-out Gaza hospital and saying it was an Aleppo hospital, bombed by Russia.

Now they're waving the Syrian JEWhadist False Flag to get the UN Security Council, which is having an emergency session today to try and get 'Bomb Syria to Bits' fly zone established, to satisfy their Yid Overlords.

Israel is PO that Iran hasn't already been hit with thousands of bombs and missiles, so we can 'free' Iranians from the horrible curse of living, giving Israel the breathing room it wants to finish wiping Palestine off the map.


  1. They simply can NOT lose Aleppo and are capable of dam near anything to keep it

    Risky times ahead. Russia isn't building up forces there for nothing either !

  2. Condi Rice's fantasy of mushroom clouds appearing might come true.

    Or we're just been twisted again, filled full of fear, doing our part in the never-ending Rothschild Soap Opera.

    I called both my Senators and my Christian Zionist Rep--what a tool--and said we need to get out of Syria and stop committing war crimes against a people that had not attacked us and was NO danger to the USA.

    The ones answering the phone couldn't be less interested in what I had to say.


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