Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"Ding Dong, the B*tch is Dead!" Or at Least Gone!!!!

Hillary's Reaction When Seeing the Vote Totals

I'd rather be sodomized by a Trump presidency than have to face another 4-8 years with that witch. She is so phony, it oozes out of her like sweat. Toss in the treason, lies, thefts, illegal wars and mass murders, and you have a seriously flawed candidate who's biggest asset was her plumbing.

But Hillary can still serve the public by serving the rest of her foul life in prison, along with her pedophile hubby, stick them in the same 8 x 10 cell, although that might constitute 'cruel and unusual punishment.'

And now for a reality check:

Not much will change. Wall Street will continue on with its fleecing of the public. Israel will still murder Palestinians to steal their land and the (((Deep State))) False Flags will continue. Google will continue to spy on people w/o a warrant and those TBTF banks will get another bailout.

It got weird after midnight. RT was posting the latest results, but ZNN was lagging behind, as if they expected a miracle to happen. My guess is that there was plenty of vote hacking going on in favor of Hillary, but the tide in favor of Trump was so overwhelming, they couldn't jiggle the numbers fast enough.


  1. HI Greg:
    It's one of those bittersweet situations isn't it?
    I used your ding dong video- The coverage was weird wasn't it? Noticed it myself.
    We were watching Martha Radditz and co on whatever network she's on and they kept saying, basically, Hillary was going to get the win- She was going to get this and that and we'll be seeing President Clinton blah, blah, blah, but then as it got later here.. like 10:00 pm est the tone changed (not sure what time zone your in?)

    It's interesting the lag in results reporting..

  2. Heya Greg,

    Can we be brothers separated by time tunnel and never went on Jerry Springer or Oprah to make spectacle? Cause I was thinking the same thing all day yesterday...everything you said, i couldn't agreed more.

    Indeed, "Ding Dong, the B*tch is Dead!" Or at Least Gone!!!!

    You must have a crystal ball at home, don't you? :)
    Not much will change. Wall Street will continue on with its fleecing of the public. Israel will still murder Palestinians to steal their land and the (((Deep State))) False Flags will continue.

    Netanyahu declares Trump 'a true friend of the state of Israel' who will help bring 'peace and stability in our region'
    Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Donald Trump as new American president
    'I look forward to working with him to advance security,' Israeli leader said
    His Education Minister said it marked the end of idea of Palestinian state

    Did you guys see killery's campaign manager john podesta- he looked like a creepy snake. I wouldn't be surprised if they expose him as a child molester in future wikileaks.

  3. 'Advance Security' for Stolenland? Yes, that means $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for the world's biggest welfare cheats.

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  5. I enjoyed the shock look on everyone's faces on CNN too...LOL! Next to Hillary losing that was one of my favorites parts! I went into shock myself even earlier when the Hillary voters were told they should go home now and get some sleep ha ha ha! Then came CNN and the announcement.

    My daughter goes to university a couple of hours away she drove home because this is where she's registered to vote. So we went together and she drove. After we voted we got back in the car and I said "well who did you vote for?" She looked at me shocked and said "WHO DID YOU VOTE FOR?" Because she thought we were both on the same page and were voting for Jill Stein. But I had changed my mind. When I said Trump she about went out of her mind in rage and exclaimed quite passionately...."you mean I drove you here with ME so you could vote for Trump?" ....It was hilarious. But she was seriously furious! She hates Trump. She doesn't even know about the Clintons so what the heck, she not going to understand.

    Next, my eldest son had come over to watch the elections with us. He voted for Jill Stein too, you see because this is who I was pushing for from the start. So after the announcement of the win we are watching the WHITE Trump voters all my son who looks like me and not his Arab dad says..."hey mom we won!"
    Oh my, good times!

  6. The Israeli foreign policy won't change with Trump, nor the Wall Street greed, but at least the Clinton dynasty is dead and gone.
    Such sleaze, greed, treason and war after wars from that sick couple. Get caught getting a BJ from a WH intern? Launch some cruise missiles at some Afghan hovels and blow the hell out of some innocents.

    If Trump mends relations with Russia, it will be worth it. With the Witch, it would be countdown to Armageddon from Day One.

  7. Although I have been a fervent Trumper since the beginning, I always knew he would not deliver... could not possibly deliver... on all his promises. Thanks to Julian Assange, Project Veritas and a few smart writers, those of us who stood beside him during all those slanders, were vindicated near the end. I always knew that, so long as the rigging could be defeated, he would win and that remained an issue right to the end even though people were posting about problems for awhile now.

    Apparently when states ask for longer time for whatever they "need to do" they need legal permission, granted at the last second to do so. Pardon my poor phrasing but I am a mere Canadian who has learned a LOT about how you guys do it this time around. Anyhow THAT last bit of time is usually granted and it is usually when a little heavy duty pro-Dem rigging takes place. This year permission was denied.

    Darn I slept all day yesterday. Could hardly move, just slept. I had no idea I had been so pent up about the results. In all my decades of watching politics, and elections, I have NEVER felt relief so deeply. The fears of the past year, of WW3, have been always on my mind. When the Pope and Elizabeth told us that there would be no Christmas this year... The gloom has been there. It was lifted ....

    Trump will need our help and support. He will sell us out. But he WILL make a great start on what must be done by moving America, we pray, from a war to a rebuilding infrastructure economy. And he has given Americans hope.

    As for the liberals, I know it is cruel and the low road, but oh, what fun.

    Genie, my daughters won't discuss it with me. They HATE Trump. Yesterday one phoned to arrange a visit. She asked me how my day was going. I said, "Oh wonderful. I am smiling so huge." She, the softest and most unpolitical of all, says, "Oh stop gloating. I will call later when you don't gloat." I am.... like... me? gloating? Anyhow she called back a few moments later and we did our talking, no cold or problems, just as if that conversation had never happened. Pacific NorthWesters who do truly think of the midwest as "white trash". After all, we Canadians are SO Liberal and enlightened.....

    Long rant but thanks for reading! LOL. Ding dong....

  8. All other attempts at fomenting violence from the sheep has so far failed.

    How about rigging the electoral votes Dec 19th?

    A last minute flip would probably drive the the goyim into a killing frenzy.

    Finally they get their excuse to bring in the military ....

    and game on.

    Think not?

    Selection 2000 proved they would.


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