Thursday, November 10, 2016

Madonna in Hospital for Emergency Stomach Pumping

New York--Aging pop Diva Madonna today entered New York's Mt. Sinai hospital for a gastric suction procedure, more commonly known getting one's stomach pumped.

Dr. Shlomo Lipshitz, the attending physician said, "Madonna is recuperating and doing fine. She is a die-hard Hillary fan and made a promise to uhh, give anyone who voted for Hillary sexual favor, which she eagerly complied with on the streets of New York. Unfortunately, after two days of this service, Madonna had swallowed so much of a certain bodily fluid, that her system became toxic, resulting in severe stomach pain and bloat. We suctioned out around 300 cc's of male sperm from her stomach and also retrieved her bottom denture plate, which must of been shoved down her throat during an enthusiastic moment."

Madonna is expected to stay until Saturday, then will return to the streets for more voting action. At press time, we could not confirm that former President Clinton was searching New York streets for his friend.

This is Seymour Butts reporting for station AZHO.


  1. OMG so funny. She promised to take her teeth out....

  2. she, the detroit whore, was in tight competition with local rabbis

    any news on the increase from mouth transmitted diseases

  3. Well done, Greg... I put up an article about this one, with full kudos to yourself..

  4. ROFL!!

    That's what happens when you whore yourself to the BLM and other george soros funded goons & thugs!
    BTW, I will give an update on Cher....her remaining ribcage fell out last night while she was whiling for Killery the Klown!

    ...amid nationwide demonstrations that saw Madonna and Cher join 7,000 in NYC

  5. Were they wearing Brown shirts when protesting? It's 3 in the afternoon, what is George Soros up to?

  6. looks like lady caca got her T-shirt made at the Spirit Cooking party, painted with a goy child's fresh blood.

    'Love Trumps Hate!' Clinton supporter Lady Gaga stays on message in branded T-shirt just one day after the presidential election

    More on Spirit Cooking I need to mention its jewish origin? :)

  7. Does this mean I cant get the promised blow-job? Rain check?

    1. Yes, as long as you don't mind the canker sores that will eventually come with the BJ.


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