Friday, November 11, 2016

The Trump Comedy Hour is OVER, Now Comes the Pain

The Trump Comedy Hour is over, now the pain of reality will set in.

Not much will change with Trump, despite all his feel-good sound bites, like 'lock her up.' Trump even praised the crooked bitch after the election results had come in his favor, which is a far cry from prosecuting the Witch for her many crimes.

No way will Trump go after the Clinton Mob, Satan and the banksters take care of their own, to keep one from breaking ranks and pulling back the curtain.

The real power in the USA is with the Wall Street TBTF banks and the FED. And who does Trump reach out to for Treasury Secretary? Serial crook Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan.

Retired General Michael Flynn is rumored to be the next Secretary of War. Flynn is a dedicated Islamophobe, writing the neurotic book, "The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies," with the war loving Zionist Jew 'Mikey' Ledeen, who goes orgasmic anytime Muslims get butchered by the US war machine. Ledeen was cheering on the illegal ME wars by saying "Faster please" when asked about the carnage in Iraq. He was also involved in the phony Niger yellow-cake BS.

Ledeen is also responsible for this idiotic saying: "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business."

Change we can believe in? Ha.

Also, Trump has the despicable toady Newt Gingrich on his transition team and 9/11 False Flag helper Rudy G, and you expect serious change from this kind of start?

Palestinians will feel the pain even more, as Trump 'delegates' care of that part of the ME to his good friend, Nuttyahoo, who will go on a West Bank land theft spree while getting ready for the next big blood libel in Gaza.

America woke up long enough to cast their votes, now its back to nap time while the 1% continue their thieving.

Wait until the next scheduled Israeli False Flag, set off by the same SOB's who are behind the 9/11 False Flag and then watch Trump's reaction. He'll go postal, blaming the False Flag on the Arab patsies set up by a crooked FBI with help from the MOSSAD, the it will be off to more ME wars for the glory of greater Israel.

I could be wrong and hope to Hell I am, time will tell.

The only way to change this is thru the application of lead and bloodshed.

But we can at least take solace that the Wicked Witch of the East is gone...or is she? Why haven't Michigan, Arizona and New Hampshire officially declared their vote totals?

Does this sound cynical? Maybe, but getting gang-raped the last 16 years, by the Wall Street casinos, the FED, Israel and whatever POS is in the WH, tends to make one cynical.


  1. Nope not cynical.
    Donald Drumph played to pop culture.
    I think there a few movies on that subject,one was brewsters millions where Pryor's line was vote for none of the above and he won,hahaha i think Robin Williams did one also.
    I think Trump/Drumph,knew the mentality of the sheeple pop culture idiots who watch the tube,for a few times i seen him gloating about getting the sheeple to vote,it is like he pushed the buttons like with his show,your fired.
    He knew what works,plus the guy has been self promoting his whole life.All his life he is on talk shows and being interviewed,like one of the main players of the elites.
    You know dammm well,he will be partying with Hillary and Bill soon behind closed doors,for that is what they do.
    They have you people to cheer and vote and fight there wars,while the sheeple,lose legs,arms,mental sanity or there lives fighting there bullshit wars.
    Your other post on ding dong the witch is dead,Trump will find a spot on his team for her,just like Obama did,but
    you or someone said something about the weirdness of the night.
    The most weirdness that i saw ,was people posting with the stickers they recieved saying,i voted,hahahahaahahaa
    It reminds me when we destroyed Iraq and lket the people vote and they kept showing the Iraq sheeple with ink on there fingers to say,i voted.
    But back here,i am not sure if they do this every year for i do not vote,it is to fake for me to participate,for i am a truther who seeks truth and sometimes i doubt yours and think that you are no different and pushing propaganda also,but the whole thing has such falseness to it and my gut just does not feel any integrity or truthfullnesss in it.
    They both call each other lyers,just like last year,i even mentioned that to a voter,i said to him,why are you voting for 2 idiots calling each other liars??
    You gonna put them on trial??
    If they are both liars,how do you know the stuff they are pushing is just propaganda?
    I am not playing that game
    I just see a bunch of educated dorks
    Playing the game of politics
    Debating and tricking people into there point of view.
    And if you watch how the educated,get educated in debate class,
    you know how fake that class is?
    Do you not???
    Yep,Trump got the sheeple worked up to vote
    Soros did not live up to the expectations of the god you portrayed,unless Soros really did wwant Trump in there,maybe he kissed his asss or payed him off
    They fight when the camera is rolling
    You sheeple all scrutinize and analyze it
    They laugh and party together and live the wonderfull life
    While you sheeple fight there wars and get victimized by there games
    And there will always be unhappy people typing what is wrong
    But life will still go on
    People will get shafted and victimized
    Your words mean nothing in the end

    1. I do believe Soros and Clinton are working up a Purple Spring in the US. All to bring Trump down.

      When I look at cartoons from every nation on the planet, they all, well 99.99%, demean him in the same ways they do Putin and Hitler only with feces involved more often than not.

      It really is difficult to call what is going on but I do believe also that if Trump utilizes these scum as his in-group, and Rudi gave me pause for thought because I have in the past studied that flawed and debauched creature.

      Anyhow if Trump means to "drain the swamp" he will use fresh people. If he doesn't pull the plug then we know....

  2. :)

    Yes siree, Greg!
    The honeymoon is over and the reality has kicked in full gear. Eeeewwww ....Looking at those unsavory names & characters plus ghouliani, have to keep puke bucket handy for our day to day usage.

    What do we have here, let's see...

    Trump doesn’t see Israeli land grab as ‘obstacle for peace’ with Palestine – adviser

    US President-elect Donald Trump does not view Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian lands as an obstacle to peace, and will not condemn the activity deemed illegal by the international community, his top adviser Jason Greenblatt said.

    “Mr. Trump does not view the settlements as being an obstacle for peace,” Greenblatt told Israel’s Army Radio. “The two sides are going to have to decide how to deal with that region, but it’s certainly not Mr. Trump’s view that settlement activity should be condemned and that it is an obstacle to peace. It is not the obstacle to peace.”

    Greenblatt’s role is as chief legal officer and executive vice president at the Trump Organization. The president-elect has already indicated he was looking at Greenblatt to lead the way on Israel.

    Hmmm...on the path to Make Israel GREAT Again over America's cadaver.

    Ron Paul is reading your mind and echoing your sentiment, of-course in a limited way.

    “Unfortunately, there has been several neoconservatives that are getting closer to Trump. And if gets his advice from them then I do not think that is a good sign,” Paul told the host of RT’s Crosstalk show Peter Lavelle.

  3. buying a new car
    dealer fills with old, dirty oil

  4. Yes, when will truthers and/or the "J-wise" alt-media realize that Trump is nothing but another puppet of the Banksters, that hellish entity and their interests? (many are still under the illusion that this Shabbos Goy stooge is not actually a stooge)

    It was absolutely sickening to see this ZOG "figurehead" immediately right after his (s)election talk to 9/11 mastermind, war/peace criminal, and general sociopath, Bibi NuttiYahoodi!

    Put America first? LOL, when will us dumb "goyim" learn?

    Of course Killary was just as bad (i.e. "good" for the elite Yahood) and I just wanted to make this clear, so no Trump supporters get butt hurt or whatever. Both were bad, duhhhh. So instead of a (((Cultural Marxist))) backed clown, we get a (((Trotskyite Ziocon/Neocon))) backed clown? Woopie freakin' doo!

    Anyway, great post Greg :)

  5. trump will be different
    he is much stronger than any other prez elect
    he knows newt the white marshmallow part of the econ problem
    that jewliani the toad part of 9-11
    that flynn is a delusional ass
    that most lists for the new cabinet is just a wish list by losers who wannabe

    benyammerin nuthinyah00 will never go to congress over trump and not end up with a black eye
    and congress will never give one standing ovation to any israeli turd

    trump will be different

    so i say

    now if can just get this thing posted

  6. Greg,

    BTW, I forgot to mention that I also hope you're wrong! And of course you're not at all being cynical especially with all of the shady neocon gangsters and corrupt officials that so far have been part of his (s)election and will likely be a very big part of his administration. In regards to neocons, you left out James Woolsey, and it's rumored that notorious warmonger John Bolton will be the Secretary of State (i.e. Bibi's North American Secretary of Logistics for the Greater Israel Project). I'm sure there are many other neocons/Ziocons that will join up later on as well.

    As the saying goes: meet the new boss, same as the old one, lol

  7. Yeah, I think Bolton definitely is under consideration as well. Some humorous comments about Bolton once made by Hassan Nasrallah:

  8. bolton will not be anything

  9. Like I said, hope I'm wrong about Trump.

  10. Hey Greg- good morning
    I responded to your comment at my blog. I don't think FF is playing nice, necessarily

    Hi Greg: regarding FF, yah, I'm aware of who he is
    I'm just not sure he's playing nice..

    MMM "Yes indeed it is interesting, there is a meme being created about the peasants revolting or some such bollocks. Maybe true to some extent but it being encouraged by the dark powers"

    He's bolstering this meme- peasants revolting- which they are but FF and his ilk, including Mr Soros are going to manipulate this revolt it is that manipulation we have to be on guard for.

    1. They have already titled it the "Purple Spring". I notice on the news that a lot of the signs were printed in purple ink. Seems very possible that Hill and Bill wearing purple to her speech was a bit of a signal to let loose the dogs of snowlakery. And the people believed it to be the "unification of blue and red". Dear lord have mercy on us all.

  11. If there's one thing the Witch excels at is nursing grudges and getting revenge. She would have no problem with the USA going up in flames, letting Dear Leader declare martial law and postponing Trump's presidency.

  12. In tonight's "60 Minutes" interview, Trump says he wants to deregulate the banks and won't go after Hillary.

    Slick Willie deregulated the banks, which led to the Crash of 2008, now Trump wants a repeat?

  13. Top of the pyramid always wins."when the cup of iniquity if full, then comes the wrath of God".


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