Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What Kind of Experience Does a US Secretary of State Need?

Let's look at some past SOS who had tremendous experience...like Madeleine Albright (nee Korbel), SOS for the president directly responsible for causing the 2008 Crash and for keeping an economic quarantine and No Fly zone on Iraq in the 1990's...

Guess you don't get the nickname of 'Bloody Maddy' for nothing. So an 'experienced' SOS has to be a blood-thirsty mass murderer of children...Check!

Now let's look at another SOS who had experience, Hillary Clinton who was there for Mr. Nobel Peace Prize!

So a SOS also has to go orgasmic at the thought of a brutal murder of a nation's leader that was NO threat to the USA, but which the banksters and Israel wanted destroyed. In addition to being a blood-thirsty, mass murderer of children, the SOS also has to be unhinged, since only a lunatic would laugh about someone getting sodomized to death. Check!

One more look at Hillary, since she likes the spotlight so much!

So, according to these experienced SOS people, the next SOS should be a blood-thirsty, mass murderer of children, also has to be unhinged, since only a lunatic would laugh about someone getting sodomized to death. And the SOS has to find funny the thought of invading and possibly destroying another Muslim nation for Israel, killing millions more. Check and Double Check!!!

Guess Trump's pick will be a failure, judging by past SOS thugs.
"Can you imagine if the election results were the opposite and WE tried to play the Russia/CIA card. It would be called conspiracy theory!"
Worth clicking on the link to see (((who))) is really PO about Hillary not stealing the WH.


  1. Go to this website and tell me what you see...please...because I can't believe my eyes!

  2. You know the Hillary counter/coup guy I've been so curious about? Steve Pieczenik...I was hoping for a hero and look what he says in one of his articles:

    But for predatory men, whether Roman Catholic Priests of Muslim Arab men acting on the permission in the Khoran for men to have sex with boys, this is rape of the boy and is always unwanted unless the boy is a psychotic homosexual deviant like his assailant.
    And this:
    "-But for predatory men, like Muslim Arab men acting on the permission in the Khoran for men to have sex with boys"...

    "Islam is by its own words and diktats is a homophobic religion which ironically condemns sodomy because it is a sexual practice accepted throughout the male-dominated world of Muslim men where women are considered inferior."

    I think to lie about religion or to speak from ignorance is probably the worst sin and a total lack of character! And it usually comes from dimwits. God, the kind of people who work for the WH...most of the writing on his website seems like a phy-op. So hmm, what about that counter -coup that was suppose to have happened for the people? I wonder.

  3. @ Genie

    It's your daily kosher puzzle..."How many mass murdering jews can you name in this picture?".


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