Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Former President Obama to Work Selling Used Cars

New York--Former President Obama has secured a job selling used cars at 'Honest John's Used Cars Emporium & Aluminum Siding Sales' based in Barf County, Oklahoma. The owner of Honest John's, Billy Bob, said he was more than happy to hire the ex-president.

"Damn, that Obama is so slick, he could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. He can spin a lie so skillfully, Obama even believes the lie, and man, that's salesmanship! In a way, selling used cars is similar to Obama's presidency. Shiny and cool on the outside, like our used junkers, but a piece of shit on the inside where it counts. But Obama will be able to push these clunkers onto clueless fools, uh, I mean our dear, valued customers," said Billy Bob.

When asked about the investigations he was under for fraud and deception, Billy Bob said, "Hell, once Obama gets here, he'll be able to squash those silly investigations, which are without merit, just some bored prosecutors looking for something to do. If they get too nosy, Obama can have his Secret Service detail take them out!"

At press time, it was reported that former First Lady Michelle was looking at some upscale trailer homes to buy one for her family in the Barf County area, according to her real estate agent Paula Jones.

This is Seymour Butz reporting for AZHO.

Here are 1,342 well sourced examples of Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc

The President Who Wasn’t There: Barack Obama’s Legacy of Impotence


  1. I am looking for an old Edsel or even a Vega? Will Barry at Honest John's have one in stock?

    Maybe Michael will finally now come out of the closet and push for "trans-gender equality" in Barf County as well?

  2. You do know there is a "real" Seymore Butts, do you not? He is the son of a family porn operation that is run by his parents. Just saying.... needless to say they are of the tribe. They had a reality show a decade or so ago. The name blew me away so I investigated...

    Truly the worst president the US has ever endured. Or the rest of the planet. I have been watching VERY carefully how differently the international media has treated Trump over Obama in those early days. The same lauding they would have foisted upon us had HRC managed to steal the election. The international hypocrisy set to grip the people with hope and change .... Nobel awards, etc etc.

    Just that alone is enough to tell us who owns the international media, not just here in North America. My cartoon searching takes me all over the place and no matter the country the messages are always the same but for a few individuals who dare speak their truths.

    What burns my fries, however, is knowing that after all the horrors he has created, Barry will get to spend the rest of his life leeching off the gullible as Bill Clinton has...

    But Barry, btw, has passed his expiry date, Billy Bob.

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