Wednesday, January 25, 2017

International Hucksters Day! AKA Give Us More Money, GOYIM

Yes, GOYS and Girls, it's that time of year month week where us Pavlovian trained GOYIM are commanded to worship the BIGGEST fraud of the 20the Century, the Holocau$t™ The time, January 27 where our rote training kicks in and we're compelled to feel sadness, tear-up and wonder what we could do to help those poor Jews, like give them money and weapons to ease the pains from an event that NEVER happened.

About those Holocau$t™ the one about nasty Nazis dumping Zyklon-B pellets into rooms filled with Jews, who then perished because the Zyklon-B turned into the poison gas Hydrogen Cyanide upon contact with air.

Could someone please tell me where Germany had the hermetically sealed, air free lab where these pellets were made? Because if Germany didn't have a lab devoid of all air, then the chemists would die from the gas emitting from the pellets they made when the pellets came in contact with air.
Same for the stock and shipping departments, for if one of the Zyklon-B containers ruptured or popped open, you could say 'Goodbye' to Hans and Fritz in the shipping department.

In airtight gas chambers built for executions
, the Cyanide pellets are dropped into a vat of sulfuric acid, which releases the poison gas for breathing. So how did the Nazis use just the pellets, dropped into a room that was far from airtight, and not use sulfuric acid to generate the cyanide gas?

Here's a 1938 pic of Zyklon being used as a fumigant in New Orleans. I don't see any gas masks or even simple skin protection against the Zyklon.

I could also mention that Hydrogen Cyanide has a vapor density less than air, which means its lighter than air and will rise above the rooms air, so how did the Germans manage to gas all those people if the Cyanide rose to the ceiling and not drop down onto the room occupants, but hey, this is the Holy Holocau$t™ we're talking about, which has become a religion in the West and like other religions, has mystical occurrences one can not explain, only worship.

Let's look at one of those air-tight doors needed to keep the Cyanide gas contained so it wouldn't seep out and kill the guards (Looked on Wikipedia for "Pic of Nazi gas chamber doors" and couldn't find any links!)

Hmm, sounds like the gassem chamber door isn't the only thing that isn't airtight.

Yes, that WOOD door looks extremely airtight.

But again, we're talking about one of the West's main religions, the Holy Holocau$t™ so let us pray...pray for common sense and intelligence to return to the West and see through this fraud so we can stop whoring ourselves out to Apartheid Israel and their REAL scheme to wipe Palestine off the map. And let the good people of Germany breathe a sigh of freedom, since they will no longer be slaves of these world-class con artists.

Jah Voll!

"Hurry, hurry, get your Holy Holocau$t™ guilt right here, ladies and germs!"

An extract from the Korherr Report which reveals that as of December 1942, there were only 9,127 Jews in all the concentration camps.


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  2. Up here in Canuckleheadistan, the Jewish control means jail time for anyone such as myself that has the "nerve" to question the official Holy hoax story...

    But of course that begs the question as to what they are so scared of from what real research and investigation will uncover.... Maybe the truth that it is indeed a massive fraud?


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