Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Need a War? Call 'Death to Israel, Death to America' Hollywood

Hollywood has a particular hard-on for Iran, from the rather decent 1985 action movie, "To Live and Die in LA," which has a scene at the 2;40 mark of the movie where a US Treasury agent chases a Arab/Muslim type to the roof top of a LA hotel, where he finds his pasty wearing a suicide vest, who shouts, "Death to Israel and America" before blowing himself up.

Remember this from the 2001 anthrax false flag? What a coincidence!

To now and the rather cheesy "300" movies, first in 2007, when Jew Inc was desperate for Bush the Deranged to finish off one more ME nation that the Jews hate, Iran. But something got in the way of attacking another Muslim nation, not sure what, sure as Hell wasn't compassion, sanity or common sense.

And the next 300 movie, plopped in in 2014 "300: Rise of an Empire," though not quite sure what Empire they're referring to, maybe Eretz Israel, which is being bought with the blood of millions of innocent Muslims and not-so-innocent American Storm Troopers, along with trillions of dollars spent on fighting these 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' the only two entities really benefiting from this madness. BTW, the Rise of an Empire was directed by Noam Munro, an Israeli film director. What a coincidence! But he fucked up the picture, forcing them to bring in a Irishman, John Moore.

Now we have another Hollywood turd being pushed out, "Patriots Day," which will regurgitate the lies about the Boston Marathon FF that need to be skillfully re-inserted into gullible American minds, to keep us clamoring for more wars.
But I'm not sure what drug abuse, nudity and sex scenes have to do with the Boston False Flag, but hey, this is Hollywood!

The movie will come out on this week on Friday the 13th. Who says the Zionist terror masters based in Tel Aviv don't have a sense of humor.

Fuck them, Fuck the DC swamp and Fuck those Too Big to Fail Wall Street casinos. I'm tired of all their war mongering, false flags and thefts of our wealth hidden behind these phony wars.

Fuck them and although I don't believe in a Heaven, sure as hell hope there is a Hell for these turd munching vermin.

When Hollywood isn't brainwashing Americans into supporting endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' they put out degenerate filth like this


  1. ["Fuck them, Fuck the DC swamp and Fuck those Too Big to Fail Wall Street casinos. I'm tired of all their war mongering, false flags and thefts of our wealth hidden behind these phony wars."]

    ditto with me....

  2. Hey! Don't forget the new Drew Bury More hit based on cannibalism ....http://santaclaritadiet.com ...Same place they shot Lost Boys (Santa Clara)...one scene was actually shot on the Santa Clarita bridge.

    Or, go for the jew gold with that new hit Shameless....https://www.bing.com/search?q=shameless+usa&filters=ufn%3a"shameless+usa"+sid%3a"4d5a833c-8f8b-f195-8e26-a30d4477ce66"&qs=MB&pq=shame&sc=8-5&cvid=C8C37703F9CF4FE394824A238ACDCAD7&FORM=QBRE&sp=1&ghc=1

    And to finish up how about World War Z 2 .......http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3234552/

    Will Brad call in Angie to strafe Palestinian zombies off of the walls that are protecting

    poor defensless Israel.

    Now THAT"S Shoah Bidness!


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