Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Where Israel Got the Idea for the Black Flag of Their ISIS Buddies

From the 1962 movie, "Lawrence of Arabia." Pretty decent movie, telling some truths about Larry's campaign in Arabia during WW I, but they omit the fact that he was a Brit intelligence operative, sent to Arabia in 1911 to scout the area and sound out the Arab chieftains as to how they'd feel about joining the Brits in kicking out the Turks, as Lawrence wrote about in his book describing his Arabian adventures, "Seven Pillars of Wisdom," a good read, but a bit long.

In the movie, there's several scenes showing the prototype ISIS black flag, waving while the Arabs are charging forward on horses and camels. Rousing scenes, but one has to wonder if Israel and their CIA bitches got the idea for the ISIS black flag from this movie, seen by millions and millions. The movie would of inserted the black flag into many people's minds, to be deftly used by Zionist psyop agents to scare the Hell out of Americans into supporting endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

And another screen shot:

What other proof do I have that ISIS and Israel are fellow travelers?


  1. Yes, Lawrence of Arabia the movie was a classic.. But it was so full of lies and inconsistencies...

    One amazing falsehood from that movie was the so called "assault on aqaba" from the desert as the movie shows... The movie puts forward the false claim that "assault" was conducted by Arabs under Lawrence only.. But the reality is the "assault" from the desert was actually almost a failure, and only the efforts of the British navy from the sea and amphibious actions by said navy along coast actually made the Turks have to abandon Aleppo and allow it to "fall" to the allies....BUT you of course never see that in this glorious and highly inaccurate "Jewlywood" production...

    And of course, Lawrence of Arabia never touches on the Balfour Declaration and the fact that the seizure of Palestine from the Turks was all part of the JEWISH plan for them to eventually have that land for their greedy selves.... But hey, Jewlywood lies and fantasies always prevail...

  2. Oops... I called "Aqaba" Aleppo in my comment... Phat fingers again! LOL

  3. Er, I think the naval attacks were earlier, in 1916. Aqaba was lightly garrisoned though, abt 300 men plus an Infantry battalion so the surprise attack of abt 5000 Arab tribesmen overwhelmed the defenses.

  4. Read some of the real truths about Aqaba, and you will see it was a coordinated assault with the British navy in support... But of course the movie creates the illusion it was Lawrence that single handedly seized the town...

  5. And yes, as Greg points out, some of the "Arab tribes" depicted in that Jew created movie had BLACK flags as their insignia.... But of course the movie was as much a fictional story as ISIS is!

  6. It's the Muslim fighting flag for real, but Muslims are not suppose to follow just anyone who raises it.

    1. I would follow the black flag of Omar Sharif anyday...


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