Saturday, January 21, 2017

Zionist Bully Gets Mad, Runs for Safe Space When Challenged

On the Russian NEWS Channel, RT, Zionist Bully David Horowitz tries regurgitating the usual lies about Israel and Palestine, but gets challenged by the 'Crosstalk' host, Peter Lavelle. Bravo to Lavelle for pointing out that 70 years of harsh Israeli occupation of Palestine DOES has something to do with facts on the ground. And that Israel ISN'T the poor widdle country always getting beat up by thugs, it's the peoples of Afghanistan, Yemen Libya, Syria and Palestine that are under siege.

That's when Davy throws a hissy fit, takes off his mic and leaves the set. Davy runs for a 'safe space' towards the end. Jump to the 20 minute mark to see Davy running for cover when presented with FACTS.

If this is the best Zionism has to offer to push its toxic lies, the ideology is doomed.

Don't know if Horowitz actually believes what's plopping out of his mouth or he's just a piss-poor liar. Davy is also mobbed-up with the freedom-smashing "Campus Watch," dedicated to putting a goose-stepping Zionist or radical Judaist into every university teaching position.

When it comes to hating all things Muslim, Davy has no peer, except sanity, decency and common sense, all of which Herr David lacks.

Here's a slightly edited comment left by Herr David:
In a 2011 appearance at Brooklyn College, for example, Horowitz said, “No people has shown itself so morally sick as the Palestinians Israelis have. … Not only are they sick, nasty terrorists, but they’re racists. They can’t live alongside anybody who’s not … Muslim Jewish.” He added, “When you’re surrounded by Nazis who want to blow up their own children to kill you, you need territory. You need space.”
This is what Herr David refuses to see thru his Star of David shaped glasses...

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  1. We seem to be witnessing a major split in world Jewry, and conceivably could even be in the early stages of a Jewish/Zionist civil war. We have the Zionist media attacking Trump, who is warmly embraced by Israel. So it's a major divide--between the liberal, anti-settlement diaspora Jews, and the conservative, pro-settlement, pro-Greater-Israel Israeli Jews. Curiously, the two guests on the program, both Jews, embody the divide to a large degree. You can go here to read Lazare's article, "Are the Jews Unique?".

    It's mostly nonsense, of course, and the book he discusses seems nothing more than a public relations exercise, but it does give some insight into what may be fueling the civil war (if that is what we are looking at): Israel is basically committing genocide against the Palestinians; its behavior grows more and more repulsive by the day; and diaspora Jews are starting to grow concerned they are going to pay a personal price as more and more people grow to loathe it and everything it has come to stand for.


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