Saturday, February 4, 2017

Another War for Israel; Sending the USS Cole to Yemen...Again

Looks like Donny Boy is itching to start another War for Wall Street and Israel, this time against Iran, a nation which Israel hates and wants 'Shocked and Awed,' but is too gutless to do any fighting, so the Zionist Terror Masters will let their GOY bitch, the USA, do the fighting and killing for Apartheid Israel.

Mr. Yuge sent the USS Cole
to Yemeni waters, most likely to be a target for another Israeli sub launched "Popeye" cruise missile, like the ship was in October 2000, securing the election for Bush the Deranged.

Compare these photos of the damage done to the Liberty and Cole and ask yourself, why are they so similar? Was the same type of explosive and knowledge of where to hit the ships from the same source? The top pic is from the 1967 Israeli attack against the USS Liberty:

Trump couldn't of made and lost three different fortunes while living in NYC then make another multi-billion dollar fortune w/o being in bed with the Wall Street gangsters that have been robbing Americans blind for decades.

Looks like the bill for Trump's fortune has come due and it will be paid off with the blood of American kids and Iranians, all to please his Yid Overlord.


  1. Trump apparently believes the media tell the truth about Iran but lie about everything else. 2000 was also the year the Israeli "art students" began showing up in America.

  2. OT sort of...

    I thought you and/or readers might be interested in this...

    [Martin F. McMahon & Associates is proud to announce the filing of a lawsuit against the United States Department of Treasury requesting the court require Treasury to do its job in investigating American 501(c)(3)s and other tax-exempt entities which are sending money to settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories to promote wholesale violence and ethnic cleansing.

    Court Documents:
    Plaintiffs' Second Amended Complaint
    Treasury's Motion to Dismiss
    Plaintiffs' Opposition to Treasury's Motion to Dismiss and Exhibit 1, Affidavit

    Media references:
    Haaretz, Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera Arabic, Electronic Intifada, Mondoweiss, and MSNBC Road Map among others.

    Individuals interested in joining the lawsuit as plaintiffs can do so by contacting
    There is a $150 administrative fee to join.

    Once the law firm gives you permission to join the suit as a plaintiff, payment of the administrative fee can be made by mailing a check to Martin F. McMahon & Associates, 1150 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Suite 900, Washington, D.C. 20036 or by credit or debit card via Paypal at the link below: ]

    Here's a look at the Plaintiffs:


    [9 Most Americans have no idea that: (a) their hard-earned dollars have subsidized criminal activity in the OPT for at
    least 40 years; (b) this activity violates at least eight different federal criminal statutes and at least five applicable
    Treasury regulations; and (c) if Treasury would start enforcing its own tax regulations governing these tax-exempt
    entities, it would be able to recoup at least $1 trillion in back taxes, penalties, and interest. After reading this
    complaint, it is hoped that more Americans will join in this suit to reiterate the request that senior Treasury
    officials simply do their job.]

    1. UPDATE!!! After receiving an email request to: ["Individuals interested in joining the lawsuit as plaintiffs can do so by contacting
      There is a $150 administrative fee to join."]...

      dtd 5 Feb 2017,

      [" For this American I am saluting a much overdue justice and can’t describe my hopeful outcome of it. My question about the lawsuit is, “What requirement(s) dictate a plaintiff?” Do they need to be a resident of the US, or can it be any Palestinian(s) displaced/survived/handicapped by the sources listed as defendants? (Can a Palestinian citizen be a plaintiff?)…and if so can I make a donation of the $150 Admin Fee (for a certain Palestinian) if he so desires?"]

      reply from

      A Palestinian or an american can be a plaintiff 2 pal amers had their property seized by settlers pals hav lost parents siblings valuable real estate homes and olive groves the key point is injury arising from netanyhu s permanent occup

      ["A Palestinian or an american can be a plaintiff 2 pal amers had their property seized by settlers pals hav lost parents siblings valuable real estate homes and olive groves the key point is injury arising from netanyhu s permanent occup "]

      2d email reply:

      ["Pls publicize the suit on the Internet and all donations r appreciated see paypal on our website or send a check tx"]



  3. It's very tempting to participate in the suit. I wonder if there will be retaliation if I join?

    The money belongs to American taxpayers and Palestinians. It's the Right thing to do.

  4. If we stand in fear of retaliation then no justice can ever be a light. When we haven't faced the atrocities of an illegal foreign occupier, we haven't the conscience to care. The American taxpayers are being led down an endless passage of lies and deceit and without accountability we become guilty of all these atrocities. We must hold the liars that be accountable...because what they are doing is not based on the their actions can not stand against the law. I salute this Law Firm to have the tenacity, courage and wits to bring forth what corruption has hidden. We are broken. Our system is in ashes and has been used against us for the benefit of a monstrous nation that knows no end to their barbaric insanity. Be sure to read the Law suit and what it requires. If we personally are not valid as a plaintiff...we can donate to the cause for Palestinians that don't have the money to pay the Admin fee of $150. Contact for any questions you might have. Spread the word. Also see: OPERATION NORTHWOODS: GENERALS APPROVED DOMESTIC TERROR ‘FALSE FLAG’ THAT WAS A BLUEPRINT FOR 9/11


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