Thursday, February 2, 2017

OMG, Found the Secret Nazi 'Final Solution' Document!

Found after years and years of searching, at the local university library's 'Red' section, that requires permission to enter. This document lays out in detail the horrible Nazi Final Solution in detail like never before!

Here it is, with all its gory details!

There you have it, the Final Solution finally uncovered for all to see. Notice the rich details and specific orders to Nazi personnel on how to direct a program covering most of Europe during WW II? A massive enterprise involving tens of millions of people, tens of thousands of German and police officials, the requisition of European railways, rolling stock and train personnel to move millions, the building of those camps and the personnel and resources needed to keep them running, along with the orders on how to handle Zyklon-B in those gassem chambers.

A gargantuan structure requiring protocols, SOP's, orders and directives to make such an undertaking possible! Yes, the truth finally came out, as you can see in the above document.

The truth is there was no 'Final Solution,' not in they way the Holocau$t™ hucksters would have you believe. The only 'solution' the Nazis worked on was "The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine," a book written by author Edwin Black, documenting the agreement between Zionist Jews and Adolf Hitler to help create a Jewish state in Palestine. This generous Nazi program gave Das Judem money, tools, technical help, industrial and farming equipment so they could set up their parasitic enterprise on the backs and corpses of hundreds of thousands dead Palestinians, who were overwhelmed by the vultures flying in from Europe. In Hebrew, it was called Haavara.

Naturally, the video has the obligatory Holocau$t™ survivor, one who was in SEVEN different 'death' camps. If so, why wasn't she killed?

This very lucrative deal lasted from 1933 to 1942 when Germany had to stop giving all those resources to the Judem because WW II was going badly for the Germans and they needed those resources to help Germany.

The Nazis were anal retentive when it came to documenting matters, even going so far as to require triplicates for toilet paper requisition. Yet, there are NO Final Solution documents?

Is it just a coincidence, or is it a bit odd that the Holocau$t™ hucksters claim their fraud started at about the same time Hitler cut them off from any more welfare checks?

Oy Vey!


  1. It's way worse than most can imagine......

    Watch the whole thing...a little over 4 minutes...or cut to the chase at 2:18.....

  2. 'one who was in SEVEN different 'death' camps. If so, why wasn't she killed?'

    she was slippery like soap

  3. PEACE IN..
    The "Official Red Cross Report" about the camps in Germany and the number of deaths and cause of these deaths is a reality check that put total lie to the so-called Holocaust. A must read. Red Cross documents count near 300,000 deaths, near all from disease and starvation caused after ally bombing made it impossible for Germans to supply the camps. The dead were gypsies, communist and other political enemies of German State, along with some Jews. In addition, experts have examined the so-called gas chamber sites and the mass grave sites and have found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that there were ever any such chambers or grave sites. Our world community has been defrauded and holohoaxed with holocrap by Kol Nidre hosted Babylonian Talmud deceit - PERIOD!

    We must know that at turn of 19th century, after zionazis had put together their plans, they schemed to gain control of mass communications, mainstream media, which they were successful in doing. This media control gave them ability to indoctrinate the public mind with lies and misinformation that groomed their evil plans to deceive about Germany and near everything else bonded with their devil intent. Psychological warfare has always been their tool of choice. They have been deceivers of the highest order, masters in tricks and deception, Satan's entrenched children, devils amongst us. Truth is, Germany and Hitler were honorable people who have been systematically demonized by for all these years.

    As the Gentile world awaken, these evil devils have the so-called "Samson option" to bring total destruction upon the earth, eliminating all life, except Hillary Clinton and roaches as only survivals.

    Today, they have initiated a "Jericho plan" designed to murder kill 90% of Gentiles, the rest of us. Their Mossad led 911 attack on the USA helped to conceal
    this clandestine effort using innocent Muslims as fall guy in the deception.

    It's time for a United One Human Family to end this tragedy. We must and "YES WE CAN."

    A United One Human Family has one choice - to act to make sure none of their leaders escape the punish for once they have honestly earned and deserve. The Gentile world community has a sacred duty to end this as best we can, even if it means success for the Samson option. We live as slaves or we die standing as courageous human beings having faith in our ability to bring victory from the jaws of defeat. We have no other choice. It's liberty or death, so let it be.


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