Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The MSM False Flag of Using Children as Bait

Back in the days when the USSR still existed, the 'Worker's Paradise' that the murder of some 60+ Russian Christians was supposed to bring about never materialized, so the progeny of those mass-murderers were wanting to escape their own man-made Hell. So trot out a child to sway the masses and bring on the tears and immigration papers:
For example, we heard it especially loudly in May 1978, when the world press told us a heart-rending story: a seven year old Moscow girl Jessica Katz had an incurable illness, and her parents were not allowed to go to the States! A personal intervention from Senator Edward Kennedy followed, and presto! Success! The press rejoiced. The main news on every television channel broadcast the meeting at the airport, the tears of happiness, the girl held aloft. The Russian Voice of America devoted a whole broadcast to how Jessica Katz was saved (failing to notice that Russian families with sick children still faced the same impenetrable wall.) A medical examination later showed that Jessica wasn’t ill at all, and that her cunning parents had fooled the whole world to ensure her leaving. (A fact acknowledged through gritted teeth on the radio, and then buried. Who else would be forgiven such a lie?)
From Alexander Solzhenitsyn's "200 Years together, a history of Russians and the Jews, Chapter XXVI: The Beginning Of Exodus"

Remember the lies told to get the first illegal and immoral war against Iraq up and running?

Damn, she's good, should of gotten an Oscar for that performance!
In October, 1990, a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl, identified only as Nayirah, appeared in Washington before the House of Representatives' Human Rights Caucus. She testified that Iraqi soldiers who had invaded Kuwait on August 2nd tore hundreds of babies from hospital incubators and killed them.

Television flashed her testimony around the world. It electrified opposition to Iraq's president, Saddam Hussein, who was now portrayed by U.S. president George Bush not only as "the Butcher of Baghdad" but – so much for old friends – "a tyrant worse than Hitler."

How did Nayirah first come to the attention of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, which put her before the world's cameras? It was arranged by Hill & Knowlton, a public relations firm hired to rally the U.S. populace behind Bush's policy of going to war. And it worked!
Fast forward to early 2003, when the MSM was beating the war drums for another invasion of Iraq, so they trot out some more lies about Saddam killing children.

Now we have the LYING MSM and their Zionist flunkies using their hatred of Syria and Assad to tell more LIES about dead babies, killed by the Syrian Army.

Will the bullshit never stop?

Nope, it won't, not until Assad has been murdered and Syria completely destroyed, then the (((same))) liars will tell endless lies about Iran, and off we'll go to save another nation by destroying the same, all for the glory of Eretz Israel.

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  1. all wars & terrorism ooze from the synagogue of satan = Moneychangers


    think back to 28 Feb 93...a church {christian} attacked by the ADL/ATF
    & ADL/FBI on a Sunday morning with over 100 Synagogue of Satan "Psychophants"
    just up the road from the Alamo....NOW THAT'S SOME CHUTZPAH !!!

    Here's an Autopsy photo of a litlle girl "rescued" by the ADL/FBI...


    dig those fire proof tennis shoes...must be some of those ISIS
    tennis shoes that don't burn, and stay real cool in the desert
    as long as you have on black pajamas...


    GLOBAL POGROM 2017 !!!


    THE TARES go into the ovens of TRUTH...!!




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