Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trump is Finding Out About Israeli Treachery

It's not a coincidence that this shit-storm hits the WH the day before the head of the Khazar land thieves, Betty Nuttyahoo, is due to meet Trump. Trump had promised to move the USA Embassy to Jerusalem, but appeared to be backing off that statement, then this thing about former NSA head Flynn saying or not saying something to VP Pence hits the fan the day before the visit, when the alleged incident took place back in December?

Trump is finding out you can't trust Israel or any of its sayanim, American Israeli-Firsters or CZ's since their allegiance is to Israel, not the USA.


  1. Finding out about...
    He's finding out about.

    Cut it out, wouldja?

  2. Also, I would like a little less emotion, more fact. Is that too much to ask? Or, at least, the right emotion in the right place?

  3. Anyway, it's all a bunch of shit. Look at it.

  4. PEACE IN...
    Our world community has a historic and infamous problem with Satan's earth agent devils - Babylonian Talmud Jewry - PERIOD! In Biblical times the mindset of the Hebrew/Israeli/Jewish people, the majority of them, habitually refused to accept responsibility to live by Divine Moral Guidance, they persistently rebelled and therefore brought curse upon themselves to become the human embodiment of Satan. They are Satan's earth agent devils missioned to separate human society from The G-D and from living by moral standards of Divine Revelation. Wherever they wander they cause corruption, indecency, sin, and hostility for human life, which is there mission's goal. They live by Babylonian Talmud and not by Torah, by man's perverted and fallible understanding and not by guidance of The G-D. They have been at open war with the Gentile world community for thousands of years, after and ever since the curse they brought on themselves. ALL TRIBES IN A UNITED ONE HUMAN FAMILY MUST TRUTHFULLY KNOW, FULLY EXPOSE, DIRECTLY CONFRONT, AND FIGHT UNCOMPROMISINGLY TO TOTALLY DEFEAT AND TO COMPLETELY ELIMINATE THIS ENTRENCHED THREAT TO HUMANITY.

    They are "World Public Enemy Number One" beyond any doubt whatsoever. It's Humanity's time to have a 21st century "Declaration of Independence" from little pathetic king devil - Babylonian Talmud zionazis Jewry. We must because "YES WE CAN" - PERIOD!


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