Thursday, February 16, 2017

"What, They No Longer Hate us for Our Freedoms?"

Remember Bush the Deranged comments about why the 9/11 attacks happened, that they hate us for our freedoms?
Americans are asking, why do they hate us? They hate what we see right here in this chamber -- a democratically elected government. Their leaders are self-appointed. They hate our freedoms -- our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.

They want to overthrow existing governments in many Muslim countries, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. They want to drive Israel out of the Middle East. They want to drive Christians and Jews out of vast regions of Asia and Africa.
(We actually helped to overthrow the democratically elected president of Egypt, Morsi, since he was too kind to Gaza and as for Jordan, that Zionist poodle is still wagging his tail and rolling over anytime Israel or the USA gives him a command. And Saudi Arabia is in no danger of losing their record for chopping off heads.)

When that nonsense first came out, within a week of the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, it sounded idiotic, but many Americans, still in shock over the attack, were seething with hatred and a burning desire for revenge, so they swallowed the propaganda and off we went to fighting endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

Now, the corrupt MSM and the Zionist terror masters that are behind these endless wars--fought to protect and shield Israel from their genocide of Palestinians--are using the lies that it is really a war pitting Islam against Christianity. And to keep that one trillion dollars a year flowing to the corrupt defense contractors who sell us planes, like the F-35, that is a POS, but very lucrative for certain factions.

Like Israel. Who is raking in the Big Bucks on the F-35 scam.
And who in the MSM is pushing this BS? Some of the usual suspects, like the former concentration camp guard Goldberg and the Muslim hating zealot Daniel Pipes.

Zionists and Judaic fundies are pushing this war, with their beloved Israel and Judaism staying on the sidelines, waiting for each side to fight to the point of moral, spiritual, economic and physical exhaustion, which will enable the Zionist terror masters to establish their Khazarian Kingdom on Earth
Judaism uses Judeo-Churchianity in the American South as an arm of its propaganda apparatus, even though Judaism execrates the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Judaism has in the past and is now using elements of Sunni Islam, despite, as exhibited by Rabbi Maimonides in the Middle Ages, execrating Muhammad and his Quranic religion.

ISIS is being used to bring about police states in Europe, Canada and the United States while burnishing the reputation of the Israeli subjugation of the Palestinians. The more ISIS terror the more civil liberties will be curtailed and the more the “Israeli way of dealing” with the Palestinians and Lebanese will become the template for restoring order in the West. After the slaying of the Roman Catholic priest in Normandy, HervĂ© Morin, president of the Normandy region and a defense minister under former President Nicolas Sarkozy, declared, “We need to Israelize our security conditions.”
"Israelize our security conditions?" Just do what American police have been doing for years.

This might look like the West Bank, but it's actually at the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota.


  1. If people had a brain they would have noticed Zionists and Israel seeping into every facet of our gov like the blob. And that being the case, people should have shown an interest if not just curiosity, who are these Israelis really, they would have researched into who the Israelis really are because it's OUR government and we should know since we are affected by it.

    Watching the news gives out the in info and the narrative...then we are suppose to do our own research. 9/11 was hokey as hell which is why so many of us began to pay attention, and to pay attention one has to be awake. To be awake means to think critically. When that happens the jig is up. Too many People are lazy and stupid because they think that nothing can happen here.

    And now when it's(fascism from Europe to Palestine to here)staring us right in the face how can people still be in denial? And yet they are.

  2. delusional psychopaths are the only ones who hate truth and justice

    they have a Bad Faith "Religion"....Talmudic Judaism. {John 8:44}

    fortunately people with brains can think...





  3. Yep, i see all the sociopaths ready for action.
    They have no choice but to back down.
    The brainwashed sociopaths are getting ready to fight the enemy within.
    The tyrants want a pipeline.
    You do not have a voice.
    When they decide you are an enemy because of your blogging.
    Those are the mental defects that will come a calling
    Sociopaths wearing uniforms.
    Every day is a game when you get to wear a uniform
    Tyranny and oppression by a herd of sociopaths

  4. I laughed with this Indian because the insanity is insane
    This is nothing but brainwashed sociopaths waiting for there orders for there little fag fag game.
    Gee,what does my orders say today,you can not move ten feet.
    He says,you move ten feet,you taste some lead hahahahahaahahah
    i laughed with this Indian
    I hope you do also.
    Sociopaths(pawns) playing in the theater of operation.
    That is an order you homo boy

  5. Does this confession mean anything
    It starts at 6:18,her key words
    "This was not normal"
    Does that mean Bush knew??
    Reminds me of the missing links video
    where they kept repeating the words dynamite
    Put this in the movie missing links
    "This was not normal"
    So the question is???
    Or little Georgie,knew it was coming???
    you decide
    Oh Miss Condaleeza is cute and i am assuming a fun playmate????
    My delusionary thought of the day
    The video
    Start at 6 minute mark
    The red flag goes about 6:18 and if you find her interesting.
    Watch all three parts

  6. "This was not normal"
    This was not normal"
    Use that one in the next missing links docu
    The look on little Georgie's face in the school
    The bubble over his head
    I know what i am gettin for xmas
    I get to start my war on terror
    Gee wiz
    I will never forget that look
    From the first day i saw that look
    He knows what he is gettin for xmas


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