Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Does the American UN Ambassador Have to be a Violent Lunatic?

Here's some of the most recent ones:

Madeline Albright, who goes orgasmic at the thought of murdering children. Her haughty, arrogant facial features say a lot:

BONUS points for 'Bloody' Maddy, who also got her blood-lust satisfied in Bosnia and Herzegovina under Slick Willie and said to the spineless Colin Powell:

"What's the point of you saving this superb military for, Colin, if we can't use it?" and this shekel- sparkle! "Iraq has a simple choice. Reverse course or face the consequences," Albright said. A good ad line is used over and over, just ask Libya or Syria.

And is in with the Rothschild Mob.

John Bolton, who was eminently qualified due to his skills at mendacity, and his skillful defense of illegal biological and chemical weapons, which must of made (((some))) proud!

Susan Rice, one of the blood-thirsty war mongers instrumental in telling lies about Libya and Gaddafi, such as the Viagra-rapes and helped her good buddy Hillary establish the 'rat line' that shipped Libyan weapons to ISIL terrorists in Syria. Susie also liked butchering Congolese!

Naturally, being a professional LIAR helps!

Now we have the off-kilter Nikki Haley, who naturally, is a strong supporter of Israel. Funny, thought she was supposed to the American ambassador, not defend Apartheid Israel.

Haley apparently is a neoCON warmonger, hungry to go to war against Russia and anyone who stands in the way of her grab for power.

Conclusion: YES, one does have to be a violent, unhinged warmongering lunatic to be the US ambassador to the UN.


  1. got to get rid of john bolton and bill kristol

  2. Those people may have to SPEAK like a lunatic.
    But always remember
    The MEN IN UNIFORM are the true loonies in the theater of operation.
    So these privaledged people who live great lives and go to great parties and speak like a LUNATIC.
    Always,always always always remember
    They are the pawns and loonies who act out there spoken word

  3. Here is a tune for all you soldier boys who love to lunatic approved
    The talking heads talk a great game plan,knowing that they never acted out.
    Ahhhhh the men in uniform,get to act it out
    Make sure to change the lyrics to all the possibilities.
    For instance
    Use the words
    Missles from a ship
    Bombs from the sky
    Agent orange
    Machine guns firing
    Done dirt cheap
    They are not kidding
    Done dirt cheap
    How much you getting paid soldier boy??
    Done dirt cheap
    Remember,change the lyrics to the weapons you use in battle
    Done dirt cheap
    Road side bombs
    done dirt cheap
    Oh,you poor pawns,fighting these clowns battles
    Now the video
    done dirt cheap
    dirty deeds

    1. The defacto standard..."poisoning their brainwashed minds".

  4. War pigs
    I never heard that tune before
    Black Sabbath,never listened to there stuff
    Crazy train by Ozzy is the closest thing to that???
    There will always be another idiot signing up to be there pawns for sickness
    All those images of that Bush smirk in that video
    Someone please wipe that smirk off his face
    Bush lived a great life
    Social parties
    And look
    A photo opp with his pawns
    Complete sicknes
    Wake up pawns
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds
    Someone unpoison them please
    Political scumbags
    Most of those poison minds.
    Now work in your community as local politicians,cops and fireman
    And they can be just as sick in there new playground as they were in the governments theater.
    Their new theater is your town
    They demoralize and oppress people just like they learned to do in a foreign country.
    Something needs to be done about that fact
    Thanks for the Sabbath tune,all that noise though
    Not used to that

  5. Look
    A local war pig bringing his ignorance to the locals.
    Brainwashed in the theater,only to back home and in his new local theater.
    He is still a demented,ignorant a hole.
    A psycotic looney still playing war games
    You people are concerned with jeewwwws
    Im concerned with local scum tyranizing there citizens with bylaws and games like this


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