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How Many Jews Do You See in This Picture?

The Jewish War on Donald Trump (09/03/2017)

This week has seen the jewish fight against the person and the administration of Donald Trump increase in both its intensity and the amount of bile heaped upon on the recently inaugurated President.

For example Jane Eisner, editor of the Jewish Daily Forward, has been lecturing the Donald on how – as a non-jew - he doesn’t know what is best for America. (1) Thus he should surround himself with advisers and officials drawn from among the Red Sea Pedestrians and kick out all the incompetent and evil goyim who want to put American interests before those of Israel.

Meanwhile the grandly named ‘anti-Trump resistance’ – a motley assortment of unemployed thugs, illegal immigrants, wannabe communist revolutionaries and drug addicts – is allegedly being run by a married jewish couple: Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg. (2) Both Levin and Greenberg are former congressional staff members as well as liberal zealots who want to make America gay again.

In case you thought this was just an outlier: it has also been revealed this week that the designer and creator of the Pussyhat – a physical tu quoque to the iconic red MAGA hat – is a jewess named Jayna Zweiman. (3)

Greenberg, Levin and Zweiman aren’t exceptions either as this week we’ve been treated to a jewess named Amanda Abrams shrieking about Trump and his supporters at ‘Open Democracy’. (4)

Professor Henry Russo, also jewish and a ‘Holocaust expert’, has been in absolute hysteria about being forced to follow immigration rules and screaming loudly that as a jew he knows better than the Donald concerning American domestic policy. (5)

Similarly synagogues across the United States are considering whether to make themselves sanctuaries for illegal immigrants and Islamic terrorists who are being pursued by ICE and/or the police. (6)

New York’s jewish Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has denounced the so-called ‘Muslim Ban 2’, which should be uncontroversial legislation and merely allows immigration authorities more time to filter out and deal with individuals seeking to enter the United States in order to commit terrorist acts. (7)

Schneiderman is hardly an exception to the rampant pro-mass immigration and pro-Muslim hysteria among the jews (8) as the National Review has been whinging about this week. (9) So strong is the anti-Trump feeling among the jewish people that jewish Congressman Eliot Engel has refused to even shake the Donald’s hand lest some of those evil Nazi cooties rub off on him. (10)

Indeed Professor of Women’s Studies Phyllis Chesler – who manages to somehow combine man-hating feminism with rabid gentile-hating Zionism within her pea-sized brain – has been screeching hysterically about the need for American jews to get out the United States immediately, because the ovens of Auschwitz are going to be switched on soon. (11)

The Anne Frank Center, run by one Steven Goldstein, unsurprisingly wants mass immigration into the United States and Western Europe but also wants to keep Israel a purely jewish state is a good example of the double think that goes on in the jewish community. (12) Especially as the Anne Frank Center is unafraid to screech about the ‘problem of anti-Semitism’ as much as is plausibly possible, while at the same point advocating importing people who are rather more likely than White people hate jews into the United States and Western Europe. (13)

After – as we have seen in a slew of articles this week – (14) the priority among the jews is not what is good for the United States, but rather that their domestic and international personal and political interests be both protected and further promoted.

According to acclaimed Israeli journalist Richard Silverstein to suggest something also said by an ‘evil anti-Semite’ is also in and of itself ‘anti-Semitic’. (15)

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith is demanding it be granted a veto over the appointment of the Donald’s advisers, (16) because they might have views of which they strongly disapprove. (17)

The Daily Beast has similarly decided to dare to make fun of a jewish comedian who has criticised you is ipso facto anti-Semitic. (18)

Ira Forman, the former ‘Special Envoy to Combat Anti-Semitism’ under President Obama, has been loudly kvetching this week about the likely nixing of his old position along with Jonathan Greenblatt; the head of the Anti-Defamation League. (19)

Who cares about where taxpayers’ money is spent as long as it goes to fund jewish special interests: right?

This is demonstrated by the fact that the entire US Senate has to a man suddenly decided that domestic hoaxes of dubious authenticity that only matter to 3% of the population (20) should be investigated with all the forces of the state. (21) When they cannot even agree as to whether the United States should even have border controls with other countries.

I wonder why when it comes to jewish interests the US Senate is suddenly so single-minded?


Indeed Senator Chuck Schumer – who also happens to be jewish which is obvious just a coincidence – has been claiming that ensuring that the US healthcare is comprehensive in scope, affordable and not a huge politicised financial black hole, like Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), is somehow taking the United States back to the ‘dark ages’. (22)

Meanwhile jewish member of the House of Representatives Adam Schiff has been screeching that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is part of a Kremlin-directed plot to take control of the United States. (23) While the man appointed to do what little ‘investigating’ that is required of these ludicrous conspiracy theories – Ron Rosenstein – is also jewish. (24)

Think that the Donald will get a fair hearing with Rosenstein in charge?

I think not given the behaviour of his people as a whole!


(14) For example:;;
To the above, add that Hollywood moguls Spielberg and Abrams are putting together a movie about Syrian refugees, which I'm sure will tug the heart strings.
Funny, I don't recall Herr Spielberg or Abrams being concerned when USA/Israel/Qatar/SA terrorist thugs invaded Syria six years ago, murdering, raping, pillaging and blowing up Syrian antiquities.
Nor do I recall them being concerned when the USAF was bombing the Hell out of Syria towns, cities, mosques, hospitals, schools, markets, water treatment plants, etc. But now that the war against Syria just maybe going Syria's way, Hollywood gets religion and wants to show THEIR side of the Syrian holocaust.

Americans, keep repeating, "America is a sovereign nation, not under the boot-heel of Jew tyranny,America is a sovereign nation, not under the boot-heel of Jew tyranny," America is a sover....Ahh, Fuck it, we're fucked and most don't even know they're subjects of an occupying power.

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