Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Jew Terrorists Thugs Beating Up Americans on DC Streets

Jewish thugs attack David Dauterive and chris dorsey seemingly over a sign that reads Israel did 9/11. The two psychopaths attempted to break the camera filming their attack and stole the sign, There were 4 DC metro police watching from 10 yards away.

America, this is your future, living like Palestinians under Jew Terrorists
"Every Jew a .22" JDL motto.
The FBI had a page about these Jew terrorist thugs, but that page no longer exists. It had contained info about JDL terrorists operating around 2000/2001.

Jew terrorist info from 2001? During the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag?

Why would Jew terrorist thugs get so upset about someone carrying a sign about 9/11 that they beat those people up?

Are they getting nervous that the TRUTH about Israel's back-stabbing involvement against the USA on 9/11 is coming out?

Looks like they've change flag colors, but they're still violent terrorist pricks
A number of JDL members have been linked to violent, and sometimes deadly, attacks in the United States and in other countries, including the murder of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee regional director Alex Odeh in 1985, the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in 1994, and a plot to assassinate Congressman Darrell Issa in 2001.

In a 2004 congressional testimony, John S. Pistole, Executive Assistant Director for Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) described the JDL as "a known violent extremist Jewish organization." FBI statistics show that, from 1980 through 1985, there were 18 officially classified terrorist attacks in the U.S. committed by Jews; 15 of those by members of the JDL. According to the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

In a 1986 study of domestic terrorism, the Department of Energy concluded: "For more than a decade, the Jewish Defense League (JDL) has been one of the most active terrorist groups in the United States. [...] Since 1968, JDL operations have killed 7 persons and wounded at least 22. Thirty-nine percent of the targets were connected with the Soviet Union; 9 percent were Palestinian; 8 percent were Lebanese; 6 percent, Egyptian; 4 percent, French, Iranian, and Iraqi; 1 percent, Polish and German; and 23 percent were not connected with any states. Sixty-two percent of all JDL actions are directed against property; 30 percent against businesses; 4 percent against academics and academic institutions; and 2 percent against religious targets." (Department of Energy, Terrorism in the United States and the Potential Threat to Nuclear Facilities, R-3351-DOE, January 1986, pp. 11–16)

On December 12, 2001, JDL leader Irv Rubin and JDL member Earl Krugel were charged with planning a series of bomb attacks against the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles, the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, California, and the San Clemente office of Arab-American Congressman Darrell Issa, in the wake of the September 11 attacks. Rubin, who also was charged with unlawful possession of an automatic firearm, claimed that he was innocent. On November 4, 2002, at the federal Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles, Rubin slit his throat with a safety razor and jumped out of a third story window. Rubin's suicide would be contested by his widow and the JDL, particularly after his co-defendant pleaded guilty to the charges and implicated Rubin in the plot. On February 4, 2003, Krugel pleaded guilty to conspiracy and weapons charges stemming from the plot, and was expected to serve up to 20 years in prison. The core of the evidence against Krugel and Rubin was in a number of conversations taped by an informant, Danny Gillis, who was hired by the men to plant the bombs but who turned to the FBI instead. According to one tape, Krugel thought the attacks would serve as "a wakeup call" to Arabs. Krugel was subsequently murdered in prison by a fellow inmate in 2005.
America, when a violent Jew terrorist group can operate with impunity on the streets of our capitol, beating people up who were peacefully protesting the AIPAC invasion and not get arrested, you know your country has been completely subverted by pro-Israeli terrorists.


  1. Both factions belong to the Freemasonry, one know you, not.

    Sides: Zionists against communists.

    There is still much intoxication in people.

    It is a pity.

  2. Looked like off duty mossad agents having fun
    They reminded me of police fighting for there police details
    The governor wanted it to stop,so when the police protested,they were violent and of course not wearing there uniforms.
    They direct traffic around job details,they say it is about safety,most of the time,they look like they should not be standing there.
    I saw two on a dead end street
    Pathetic,just stealing the tax payers money with drool coming out there mouth.
    I digress,sorry.
    Yep,that who benefits from these protests are the men in uniform
    Do they get time and a half???
    Triple overtime,that is another thing they do around here,work shifts around overtime to drain the dough from tax payers.
    That is all i see with these protests.
    Sheeple think there making a difference
    Men in uniform getting there pathetic pay
    And depending on there orders,
    herting the sheeple or pepper spraying and zapping them.
    Those clowns that broke the camera,looked like thugs not wearing there uniforms
    thank you

  3. Of many things....


  4. Israel & Gargamel are a duo to be reckoned.

  5. Holy crap. I would have shot the son of a bitch. And I'd probably be in jail.


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