Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pic of Pentagon Celebrating Their Huge Budget Increase


  1. Dead on target!

  2. how freaking "JEWISH" !!

    wars for the money changers...(((military industrial complex))))

  3. speaking of swine...

    oink oink

  4. That means all the sheeple(pawns) in the theater of operation
    may start having fun again.
    Getting ready for Syria,Iran and haha North Korea haha
    Now listen to these sheeple(pawns) who will actually be the killing machine for the sick in charge.
    Only the sick in charge are smart
    They never lift a gun.
    It is all the pawns who will bring the sickness to wherever they go.
    baaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaaah
    baaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaah
    Quick,my leaders said the theater is here.
    Free admission.
    Gun carrying nutjobs welcome
    Mental breakdowns welcome
    Blowing up people is optional.
    Have to see if you qualify
    Hurry hurry
    Step right up
    i digress
    Now the sheeple confessing there crimes


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