Saturday, March 25, 2017

Speak the Truth About Apartheid Israel & Watch Your Career Tank

This is the story of a famous, glamorous, pioneering female journalist and human rights advocate [Dorothy Thompson] who was shunned and forgotten for criticizing the treatment of Palestinians in the creation of the Israeli state.

For three decades, amid the sweeping events of the first half of the twentieth century, no journalist was more controversial, more iconoclastic, or more quoted than Dorothy Thompson. At the pinnacle of her career, Thompson’s syndicated news column, “On the Record”—one of the longest-running columns ever—reached millions of people around the globe. She was heard by millions more in her regular NBC radio broadcasts, and her stories appeared in The New York Tribune, Ladies Home Journal, and The Saturday Evening Post. Her persona was honored by Katharine Hepburn in the 1942 movie Woman of the Year, and in 1939, in a Time magazine cover story, was named the most influential woman in America next to Eleanor Roosevelt.
What got this brave journalist in hot water? Daring to speak the truth about Apartheid Israel, like the truth Dorothy speaks in this video:

Naturally, for daring to speak the truth about Apartheid Israel, Dorothy was and is still labeled as being anti-Semitic.

Thompson was a
keynote speaker at the Biltmore Conference, and by war's end was regarded as one of the most effective spokespersons for Zionism. She switched her views round radically after a trip to Palestine in 1945, and ran into difficulties, including accusations of anti-Semitism, which she strongly rebuffed, after being warned that hostility toward Israel was, in the American press world, “almost a definition of professional suicide.” She eventually concluded that Zionism was a recipe for perpetual war.
Dorothy knew back in the late 1940's that Zionism was a "recipe for endless war."

And that's exactly where the world is at 70 years later, perpetual war against the Muslim world, while Israel keeps up its ethnic cleansing of Palestine while the world is distracted by Allahu Akbar™ False Flags and Jew anti-Semitic hoaxes.

A mass extinction event of Muslims perpetuated by the toxic ideology Zionism and its poisonous twin, the cult religion of hate, Judaism.

Go to this link to see a listing of the 400+ Palestinian villages and towns wiped off the face of the Earth by the invading Khazars....

Mass graves of Palestinians discovered in Apartheid Israel, murdered by the invading Khazar land thieves.


  1. Where did all the "six million" go?
    Nay...not up in smoke,
    but to...

    1. Sorry...dead link.

      This one works... The Land Speaks Arabic

  2. Dorothy Thompson is worthy of all praise.



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