Thursday, April 20, 2017

Israel Commands its GOY Flunkies to Destroy Iran & They Say, "Yes Massa!"

Why are most of the blood-thirsty homicidal maniacs Jews? Is it a congenital DNA defect or is it the result of getting years and years of Talmudic brainwashing--like President KUSHNER--that rots and warps their degenerate minds?

Now some of those same twisted minds are barking about how the USA just has to destroy Iran, for some vague reason. Iran is NO threat to the USA. Iran has NOT invaded another nation for over 200 years, but that won't stop the Judaic gangsters from muddying the waters, telling endless LIES about Iran, like the 'usual suspects,' Krystol, Krauthammer, the Kagan mob, Wolfowitz, Wolfie, Madcow and the rest of that parasitic mob.

This is the Jew Mob groups they use to incite Americans into fighting for the glory of Apartheid Israel

Iran has always been the 'prize' that Israel wants wiped off the face of the Earth so their Talmudic Apartheid Nightmare will be the ONLY dominant ME power.

Good Boy, Rex, Good Boy! Now Roll Over..Good Boy, Now Rex, Lick my Ass...GOOD BOY!

Jew Inc knows they are facing several deadlines: One is the biggest CON of the 20th Century, the Holocau$t™ is getting outed more each day as a Big LIE, with evidence coming out from the British from 1943 that the gas chambers were a LIE.

The Talmud Terrorists also realize that every day, more and more people are realizing that 9/11 was an Israeli masterminded False Flag, designed to set off these endless 'Wars of Terror' against the Muslim world.

The second bit of danger--for the Jews--is that the central banks, like the Jew-owned FED, is running out of smoke and mirrors to conjure up a booming US economy, when in actuality it's on life-support. When the stock market blew up in 2008--due to various Jew scams and cons--those 'TBTF' Wall Street casinos had 700 TRILLION in derivatives on their books. Now they have over 1.2 QUADRILLION and when it blows this time, it will make 2008 look like a picnic.

Jew Inc knows they need their GOY flunkies--like Comrade Trumpsky--to finish off Syria, then head into Iran, but this needs to happen before the market implodes again and takes all the 'beautiful' fun out of destroying another peace-loving nation for Israel and Das Juden.


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