Saturday, April 22, 2017

Near the birthplace of Jesus, Deviant Israelis Torture Palestinian prisoners

The sign of a true psychopath is one that gets pleasure from torturing his victim(s). Which pretty much makes nearly ALL Israelis certifiably insane.

Members of the far-right, pro-settlement National Union party set up a barbecue outside the Israeli Ofer Prison, located between Ramallah and Beituniya, Thursday, goading Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike inside the prison.

This is the preferred Israeli way of BBQ, only they turn live Palestinians into charred meat...

Israel uses artillery and bombs to invite Palestinians to their lethal BBQ!

Here's another way the sick and twisted Israelis BBQ, using a skyscraper as the burner! The Israelis BBQ'd over 2,700 humans that day.



  2. Here is how I learned the truth about the holocaust TM: Before the internet I was always in the library, since I was old enough to go to the library. It was in the early to mid 90's that I had read a holocaust survivors memoir. Then I read another and didn't stop reading until I had finished the library shelf on the topic. It was fascinating for all the reasons as one would find in a holocaustTM movie.

    Later on reading from the internet about the "holocaust hoax" I became aware aware of the pattern of all the personal accounts in the memoirs. The pattern was this: all those people, mostly the writers happened to be female, were put in a bad situation, lived it a little while and then Zionists would show up and offer a way out, a solution, which was a ship to Palestine. Chaos and then solution.
    None of the writers were Zionists and didn't even have the first clue about it and would never have immigrated to Palestine for any reason under the sun...until the Zionists showed up with that ready solution. Even then the idea of it was a big turn off and had to be weighed against the odds. The odds would win out because the Zionists would tell these people that the Nazis were going to gass them. And there were the Zionists with a ready boat. Walla.

    A bit non sequitur to this post, it came to my mind after the previous post.

  3. Or actually I guess I meant problem/solution and order out of chaos. Just as we have today. Anyway, the truth of the holocaust became very clear to me and the memoirs was the connecting dot.


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