Friday, April 14, 2017

What Does the Typical Homicidal Maniac Look Like?

Difficult to say, as there is no one way to identify these pathological of humanity.

They can be rather handsome, like Ted Bundy, an American serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, burglar, and necrophile--sounds like he'd be a good fit in the White House!
Even though most of the truly insane homicidal maniacs were/are mostly men, women too can be just as savage and brutal as their male counterparts. Take for instance Hillary the Mad. Who can forget that witch cackling about murdering Qaddafi, who was shot, stabbed, beaten, tortured then finally raped anally with a bayonet till he died.

Yes, that's fucking hilarious.

Or they can be rather cute, trendy and hip, a Valley Girl with a mean streak a mile-wide, like Ivanka Trump...
...who gets all teary-eyed when thinking about dead Syrian babies, but doesn't give a rats-ass about those Palestinian babies her friends in the ZOF routinely blast, scorch, blow to pieces and incinerate.

I mean like OMG!!!! can you imagine talking about starving Yemeni children when eating that simply to die for WH chocolate cake with a side order of cruise missiles?

That would be like, OMG!!!! so GAUCHE!!!! OMG Daddy, let's talk about something else, like I'm gonna hurl....

Now we have the newest addition to our gallery of the truly insane, so fucking crazy their perverted desires can only be satiated by killing strangers thousands of miles away.

Meet Donny Trump, who's near the bottom of the homicidal maniac gallery of nutsos, but give him time, he might just take the top spot, if we're still around to count the score.


  1. no worries...

    HIGH POCK KRISSY ....a ((((JEWISH)))) thingy

    but then being (((SPECIAL))) makes all the difference
    in the world



  2. not to mention the 400 million NONJEWS
    mass murdered at a cost of 900 trillion

    someday soon the (((TARES))) will be in the OVENS OF TRUTH
    for a very long time

  3. See page 2 under the title Chemical Weapons

    old news but still...


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