Monday, April 17, 2017

What the (((MSM))) don't want Americans to About Muslims and Israel

What the (((MSM))) doesn't want Americans to know about Muslims is that they are peace-loving people, kind, generous and friendly.
An Interview with Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky is a legendary Canadian fine art photographer who specializes in chronicling the extraction and destruction of the earth and it’s minerals, mines and more. His images bring a painterly beauty to the banal. A photographer and master printer for over forty years, Burtynsky has pioneered a unique way of looking at the planet.

Q. How was the Nigeria experience versus some of the other countries you have ventured to?

A. Well Nigeria is scary as shit, whereas Bangladesh was never scary. People were really friendly in Bangladesh. In Nigeria, you had to be careful.

Q. Nigeria was scary for what? Kidnapping?

A. Yeah, kidnapping.

Q. Bangladesh was nicer?

A. Well, the people were friendlier. I mean I’ve worked a lot in Muslim countries that they will give you their shirt off their back. They’re the friendliest people. They will invite you to their house, and give you whatever they’ve got.

You’re “the guest”.

Yes, and they are happy to share their food. So, I have nothing but say but good things about Bangladesh.
If you know who owns the major media conglomerates, the giant Internet media outlets and Hollywood, you'll see why they portray Muslims as some kind of crazed, throat-slashing jihadist types, so they can scare you and turn that fear into anger, then hatred, arrogance and stupidity which they will skillfully manipulate into turning you into a carbon-clone of Israelis, the most hateful people on the planet who won't be satisfied until the USA has destroyed most of the ME for the glory of Apartheid Israel. And in the process, destroying our nation by spending so much of our wealth on Apartheid Israel, that is doing quite fine economically while the USA is falling apart, fiscally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

The same bunch of deceptive gangsters also hide the truth about the racist, hateful, land-stealing, back-stabbing. murderous Israelis, hiding all their psychoses behind the cult religion of hate, Judaism.

Perhaps the biggest victims
of this fanaticism have been refugees from sub-Saharan Africa. Locked up in detainment centers, they’ve faced abuse from almost every part of the Israeli establishment. From the hundreds of Rabbis banning Jews from renting apartments to Africans, to politicians like Eli Yishai, the ultra-orthodox Interior Minister who in 2012 said “until I can deport them I’ll lock them up to make their lives miserable.”

According to a report published by Ynet (Hebrew edition), the city built the new preschools for black children after Jewish-Israeli residents of the inner city area threatened to keep their children at home rather than allow them to learn how to count, fingerpaint and play on the swings alongside their peers from Eritrea and Sudan.

Why doesn't the (((MSM))) report on this heinous racist brutality?


9-11 Revisited: Nothing More Than A Cover For War On Islam

Israeli Jew child molesters buggering their way to paradise while the authorities look the other way.

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  1. I posted a list of murdered activists in Palestine since Rachael Corrie. But
    Anyone visiting Palestine since 1948 till now is in danger only by the Israeli terrorist army. I just posted a list of foreign visitors tp Palestine who were killed by the terrorist Israeli army.
    I'll never forget reading about 6 foreign journalists who were traveling by car in Palestine in 1948 while the Zionists were ethnic cleansing committing their massacres. The journalists car was coming , the Zionists vehicle going and encountered each other. The Zionists ordered the 6 out of the car and executed each one of them, shot them point blank in their foreheads.It was documented but I have not been able to find it again.


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