Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Guess Who DOMINATES the 100 Worst Landlords List in NYC?

The answer should be obvious. They're from the same ethnic group that dominate banking, media, academia, Hollywood and have Congress in their pocket. (Wonder if #1 is any relation to 'Lucky' Larry Silverstein, of the Israeli 9/11 False Flag?)

No, the Shadow President Kushner is not on the list. But he might be in Baltimore!

Here's a taste of one of the scummy landlords, who just happens to be a Rabbi!
New York’s Ten Worst Landlords, Part 1

Landlord: Moishe Indig

A rabbi and developer in Williamsburg’s Satmar community, Indig is a board member of the powerful social services organization UJCare, is a strong Bloomberg supporter, has built a well-known synagogue on Hooper Street, and acts as something of a Hasidic community spokesman in the mainstream press.

What it’s like to live there: With 132 violations (at last count) for a small four-story walk-up, 684 Flushing, in the East Williamsburg–Bushwick industrial region, is right up there on the city’s worst-violations list. Forty-five of those violations are immediately hazardous, according to city records, and include a chronically broken boiler and gas pipes, as well as water leaks that result in the kinds of floods that cause ceilings to collapse.

Apartment 4D is ridden with bedbugs and mice, and the wood floors sag dangerously. A woman and her children live in a first-floor apartment that’s missing a kitchen ceiling; it collapsed in a flood a few months ago.

The building has at least three abandoned apartments—their doors are boarded up with plywood and sprayed with graffiti. Two of those apartments, according to tenants, belonged to residents who fled because they couldn’t stand the deathly cold. Like everyone else in the building, they kept their oven doors open and the gas on in the winter months—if there was gas, that is. “We haven’t been able to cook for three months,” says Leo Smith, a 55-year-old carpenter.

Rodents have made fist-size holes in the walls and floor. The basement has been full of rats since at least 2008, when the city started slapping the landlord with rodent violations that remain open to this day. “Everything that could go wrong in this building has gone wrong,” Juliano says.
Good thing Moishe is a man of G-d! Maybe Moishe should use some Zyklon-B to get rid of the vermin?

100 Worst Landlords in New York City


  1. Just like Sports in which you have Zionist Dan Snyder who owns the Redskins,Zionist Don Sterling who used to own the LA Clippers before they found out how really kosher he was thru racism,then let's not forget Zionist Jeffrey Loria when he owned the Florida Marlins how he socked,screwed the Miami residents thru the new ballpark deal.In which like his fellow Zionist Larry Silverstein in which he sold the team.In which he made out like a bandit.And also being the Jew like he is screwed over the Miami Taxpayers,which is leaving them footing the bill.Because he's not going to pay for that new Ballpark.To parphase Another Zionist Gene Simmons"That's what the Gentiles are there for".

  2. Wait till the whole "LAS Vegas Raiders" scam plays out.


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