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JP Morgan Chase has Labelled Israel as a ‘Systemically Corrupt’ Country

Jews, Crime and Corruption (24/05/2017)

In this week’s edition of ‘Jews Crime and Corruption’; we begin with the news that Sheldon Adelson - jewish billionaire and sugar daddy of warmongering jewish neo-conservatives everywhere – is to be questioned by Israeli police concerning the ongoing corruption investigations into embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (1)

This has continued to call into question the legitimacy and the political mandate of Netanyahu’s ruling coalition. The question is not if Netanyahu’s coalition will fail, but rather when. (2)

New corruption scandals continue to dog the Israeli political establishment on seemingly a daily basis.

This week it has been revealed that; current Interior Minister Aryeh Deri of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party is to be questioned by police in regards to allegations of tax evasion. (3)

Former Housing Minister Uri Ariel – who served from 2013 to 2014 – of the ultra-Zionist Jewish Home party has been accused of transferring millions of Israeli shekels from the government to his friends during his tenure in an official report by the country’s comptroller. (4)

Former Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron has been convicted of fraudulently obtaining benefits, attempting to fraudulently obtain benefits, providing false identification and breach of trust. (5) Just days after former Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel Yona Metzger was convicted of similar offences. (6)

Meanwhile officials at Shin Bet – Israeli’s FBI – have also been likewise stealing millions of shekels from the Israeli taxpayers (7) and the government itself is so corrupt that it has actually warned arms dealers that it is about crack down on the corruption that they exploit as part of their stock-in-trade. (8)

Thus it should come as no surprise that former Israeli defence minister Moshe Ya’alon has harshly criticised the Israeli government – of which he was formerly part - for being systemically corrupt. (9)

Or that ordinary Israelis are tired of the constant revelations of horrific levels of government, business and political corruption, which makes Nigeria look positively incorrupt by comparison. (10)

Nor is this likely to change since whistle-blowers on corrupt governmental practices get sent to prison (11) and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert somehow gets classified government documents brought to him in his prison cell. (12)

Thus it is hardly unexpected that JP Morgan Chase has labelled Israel as a ‘systemically corrupt’ country; much to the chagrin of the Israeli right. (13)

This is true of jewish conduct outside as well as inside Israel. Since while an Israeli Binary Options extortion racket has had its owner arrested, offices closed and its computers confiscated (14) and the Kashruth Certification process is a corrupt protection racket run by Orthodox jews. (15)

Large grants of public money to the jewish community in Florida have come under scrutiny with suspicions of corruption being involved in the awarding process (16) and jewish-owned ‘Soupman Inc’ has had its Chief Financial Officer Robert Bertrand arrested for tax evasion following revelations that the company paid employees millions of dollars under the table to avoid paying tax. (17)

Moving on from corruption now; the ultra-Orthodox Israeli jew who decided to follow the example of Islamic State by cutting off his wife’s head and walking around the Israeli city of Tiberias with it cradled in his arms has predictably been judged not to be sane. (18)

An Israeli jew who stabbed an active duty IDF soldier to death in a nightclub in 2014 has had his murder conviction downgraded to manslaughter, (19) while the four jewish suspects in the gang rape of a girl in the northern Israeli city of Herzliya have been released because the girl cannot bear to confront them face-to-face. (20)

Finally in New Jersey; a second victim of jewish paedophile Rabbi Menachem Chinn has come forward. (21)

And jews wonder why people hate them…


Oh-oh, bet somebody's knickers get in a twist over too much truth!
JPMorgan Chase lists the “State of Palestine, Occupied” as a fraud-free country, while it deems Israel a scam-ridden state.

A banker for JPMorgan Chase told the Post that he tried this week to add Israel and Egypt to the international travel notification system to a customer’s debit card. He was surprised to discover that after successfully adding Egypt, he was barred from selecting Israel, due to the country’s status in the bank as a “high-risk country.”
Check out the story's comments, where they blame all of this on the Nazis--WTF?--never bothering to look into the mirror to see if it's ISRAEL causing the problems.

When the serial financial crime felon JP Morgan Chase calls you 'Systemically Corrupt,' you know something's rotten. What if we give Israel tens of billions free money and weapons to help smooth over any hurt feelings?

Use you search engine to browse for "JP Morgan Chase has labelled Israel as a ‘systemically corrupt’ country" and good luck finding any hits. I bet they removed that part of the original story due to some funny looking ring-lock wearing felons raising Hell about poor widdle Israel.

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  1. With due emphasis for noobs....

    ANYTIME you see, read or hear of ANY type of "investigation" of these's

    totally fake.

    Always. No exceptions.

    There are NO enforcement orgs. ANYWHERE that they don't control.


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