Saturday, May 13, 2017

The madness will not stop until the last central banker is strangled with the entrails of the last Zionist

Banks Have a License to Steal. Using the DOJ's excuse for not prosecuting these career criminals tells the banksters that the bigger the crime, the less chance their is of being indicted.

“The King can do no wrong.”—William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England

Central Banks Are In The Harvest Phase Of The Economic Collapse:John Titus

Baron Rothschild--- "The time to buy is when there's blood in the streets."

John Titus - We are in a Criminally Fraudulent Economic System

John Titus - We are in a Criminally Fraudulent Economic System and the Central Banks are now in Harvest Mode, Prepare for Hyper Inflation and Dollar Collapse/Reset.

Mr. Titus has a Youtube channel, "Best Evidence" that is well worth checking out.

Another excellent site is "Wall Street on Parade"

Back in 2009, did a blog on the then USAG Eric Holder, who gave those criminal bankers way too many passes. But what would you expect from one who helped cover-up the Waco massacre of the Branch Davidians?
USAG Holder: The man who covered up Waco will now investigate torture?

WASHINGTON--The federal prosecutor who raised questions about a possible Justice Department cover-up in the Waco standoff was abruptly removed from the case along with his boss, according to a court filing made public Tuesday.

Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder recused U.S. Attorney James W. Blagg in San Antonio and assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Johnston in Waco, Texas, from any further dealings in criminal or civil proceedings related to the siege.

This is the same man that helped coverup a brutal state sanctioned murder of Kenny Trentadue, who seemed to have a link to another government conspiracy, the bombing of the Murrah building in OK City.

“Holder’s job was to stop the Democrats and Republicans from looking into this….you have to ask yourself why the Deputy Attorney General of the United States in involved in covering up the death of an inmate and the answer’s simple, they knew that death if investigated would lead back to the bombing, it would lead back to the government’s knowledge and involvement,” said Trentadue, adding that the release of the information would have been a disaster for the re-election hopes of Bill Clinton in 1996.

Don't hold your breath waiting for truth and justice to find a home at Eric Holder's DOJ. He's got way too many skeletons in his closet that are useful for keeping people in line.

Holder's a 'player' and will do as he's told.
So providing cover for the massive amount of financial crimes being perpetuated against the planet by Holder would of been a cake-walk.

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  1. Was Donald Trump born into a crypto-Jewish family?


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