Thursday, May 4, 2017

Which Nation is More Dangerous, the USA or North Korea?

1. Which nation, the USA or NK, dropped two atomic devices on Japanese cities that were non-military targets?

Hint: It wasn't NK.

2. Which nation, the USA or NK, is spending one TRILLION to upgrade its nuclear weapons?

Hint: Its not North Korea.

3. Which nation, the USA or NK, used the 9/11 False Flag as an excuse to go on a homicidal rampage against the Muslim world?

Hint: It wasn't NK

4. Which nation, the USA or NK, used its state-approved propaganda organs to tell endless lies about Iraq, Libya and Syria so they could destroy those once prosperous states?

Hint: It wasn't NK

5. Which nation, the USA or NK, lets its privately owned central bank provide cover for stock market parasites that loot so much wealth, it collapses the world's economy?

Hint: Its not NK.

6. Which nation, the USA or NK, has been infused with the parasites toxins so much, that the host thinks that its needs and goals are the same as the parasites?

Hint: Its not NK.

What the White House Looks Like These Days

And if you don't agree with this 'Jew World Order,' you'll be branded as an Amalek and destined for assassination.

This video is blocked by the “democratic” governments of more than 20 countries, including Poland, Israel, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. Their citizens cannot view these speeches. What do these governments fear about a video that exposes hate, and expands human inquiry and knowledge?


  1. there are no depths of depravity to which the (((MASS MURDERERS)))
    for filthy lucre will not oooze to achieve their (((AGENDA))) based on their

    (((NARRATIVE)))....however and FOR THE RECORD the (((CULT COMPOUND)))
    for JEW WORSHIPPERS" calling itself the US GOV not a "NATION"

    [Gen. 49 & Deut. 32 & 33]...."Lawful" or at Law...

    (see Bankruptcy of US GOV to Synagogue of Satan class a stockholders of the
    federal reserve in March of 1933)


    Thank you for recognizing the splendid work of Nathan G. who does such a
    wonderful job of exposing the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN truth hating (((TERRORISTS)))
    who infest the filthy degenerate global crime syndicate crack house...

    speaking of Language...[ZEPHANIAH 3:9]...the word Israel is an antonym to
    the word (((JEW)))...[John 8:44] !

    the mass murder for filthy lucre (((BUSINESS MODEL))) is a "Jewish"
    Bad Faith manifestation of the TALMUD...the (((LEGAL))) policies
    and procedures based on the "JEWISH" narrative....which is a LIE !

    the simple truth is that the Old Testament is not about (((JEWS)))or the
    so-called (((JEWISH PEOPLE)))...!

    No one on Earth HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound....

    (((((((THEY)))))) could come out. (all modern day so-called (((JEWS))) are
    in fact "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism) & are not "HEBREWS" see the
    Holocaust Dogma of Judaism - 6 million so-called (((JEWS))) and not one
    single Hebrew !!! <------think about that !!!

    thank Jesus.

    See Also ...Matthew 13:39-43 and read about the eternal ovens of TRUTH !!!



    1. oy vey already,

      how to drive a (((JEW))) crazy..?

      put (((IT)) in a round room and say there's a penny in the corner

      Miliekowsky will lie to the last breathe...He's a (((JEW)))

      QUESTION : how disconnected from "REALITY" are the (((JEWS)))
      and all the braindeadgoy..."JEW WORSHIPPERS"...anyway ?

      CULT COMPOUND...such a ?,7340,L-4956207,00.html

      oy vey TWO LEGGED SNAKES...

  2. Sam Kennison said...."don't send them anything....Send them a U-Haul

    eventually stupid will go to "JEWTOPIA" a state for (((JEW))) worshippers

    it's in the Bible.

  3. I remember a video I'm pretty sure was from NK about US and how it's all about consumerism and brainwashing. They were spot on.


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