Thursday, May 18, 2017

Will Israel do to Trump What They did to JFK & the USS Liberty?

Israel has shown time and again that it has no qualms about murdering Americans in cold blood, like the role they played in murdering the beloved president JFK. Michael Collins Piper outlines this in his excellent book, "Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy." Collins died of unknown causes at the age of 54, his lifeless body found in an Idaho motel, yet NO autopsy was performed
When police went into the room to identify the body, Piper had strange blisters on his back that were weeping fluid, so the patrol officers called in detectives and contacted the coroner's office. "He had multiple blisters forming on his neck and right elbow," the responding officer wrote in his report. "Also, something appeared to be soaking through his shirt on his back."

The officer reported that Coeur d'Alene Fire Department was also on the scene and said the blisters and stain on Piper's back looked "very odd."
Such is the fate of those who dare expose or stand in the way of the criminal parasitic state of Hate, Israel.

JFK had dared to stand in Israel's quest to obtain atomic weapons, telling an aide that Israel would get the 'bomb' over his dead body. Well, Israel has the bomb.

USS Liberty

On June 8, 1967, Israel savagely attacked an American intelligence ship, the USS Liberty in international waters, brutally murdering 34 Americans and wounding another 171 even though Israel KNEW the Liberty was an American ship, not an Egyptian one, as the Prince of Liars tried to claim.
Israel maintains its fighter pilots, who buzzed the ship for eight hours before the attack, and torpedo boat crews, mistook the Liberty for an Egyptian ship. "The Israelis maintain this was simply a case of mistaken identity, but this clearly does not hold water," said [Admiral Thomas] Moorer, who was chief of naval operations at the time of the attack. "In clear visibility, this unique ship was very easy to identify.

"The Israeli forces circled the ship and then proceeded to attack over an extended period of time. There is Simply no way the fighter pilots and torpedo boat crews could have come to such a conclusion," he said.

The U.S. 6th Fleet, positioned nearby, received a distress call from the Liberty, and one carrier dispatched a squadron to search for the disabled ship. Before the ship was found, the fleet received orders from Washington ordering the planes back. Moorer called on Congress to, once and for all clear up the uncertainties, speculation and unanswered questions surrounding this tragedy, which is still thought by many to be a deliberate coverup on the part of the government of Israel as well as the government of the United States.
Israel was getting ready to invade Syria the next day, during their illegal and immoral 1967 war of aggression and wanted no one to know, that is one reason. Another--more plausible--is that Israel wanted to kill all on board and sink the Liberty, thereby giving the Zionist stooge LBJ the excuse needed to attack Egypt with US forces, ensuring Israel's victory in their immoral war to steal more land. But Israel couldn't sink Liberty, even though they went so far as to machine gun survivors trying to escape in lifeboats.

What kind of sick fuck machine guns survivors trying to escape the hellish carnage that Israel had visited upon the Liberty?

Torpedo boats soon arrived and continued the attack, firing five torpedoes, with one hitting and killing 25 men. They then leisurely circled the defenseless ship for 40 minutes, pumping hundreds of 40mm, 20mm, and 50cal. rounds at wounded men on deck, stretcher bearers and fire fighters. Thinking the ship was about to sink, the crew threw life rafts over the side; the attackers machinegunned those too. With increased radio activity from the U.S. Sixth Fleet indicating an impending U.S. response (many of the Fleet's messages bore "Flash" precedence), the Israelis suddenly contacted the U.S. embassy and informed it of this "accident." It was probably the longest "accidental" attack in the history of naval warfare an hour and 15 minutes.
There's also Israeli involvement in the 1983 Lebanon bombing of the US Marines barracks and their role in the 9/11 False Flag.

To think that Israel is our 'ally and friend' is a delusion that has been shown to be a LIE, time and again, so to think that Israel wouldn't assassinate Trump is to be living in fairy tale land.

Israel's sayanim in the MSM have been trying to pull off a bloodless Coup d’├ętat by attacking Trump around-the-clock, but so far, he's holding his own, so nastier means might be employed by our friend. Regardless what one thinks of Trump, these hateful never-ending attacks against Trump are also attacks on the Office of the President, which needs a certain amount of respect to function.

Trump has committed--in Israel's hate-filled eyes--two mortal sins. One is that he's reneged on his campaign promise to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and the other one, Trump cut short the obligatory visit to the Holocau$t™ theme park, Yad Vashem. Either one is enough to get most Goyim killed, but to do both is a capital offense in the psychotic eyes of Israel.

With Trump gone, the war mongering CZ Pence would be in the WH and Israel would love to that have GOY flunky. Pence would make Hillary seem like a peace-nik, with Syria back in the Pentagon's lethal sights and Iran next up on the menu.
If Trump does get murdered, Americans who can still think for themselves will know who pulled the trigger.


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  2. Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination - Michael Collins Piper

  3. If trump does get murdered, he will at least go out a hero, rather than a slave. Like the song says, "I'd rather be a free man in my grave, than living as a puppet or a slave."



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