Saturday, June 3, 2017

Meet Jew Pervert 'Fast Eddie' Savitz

WARNING: If you have a weak stomach, proceed no further because there is some really sick shit coming from 'Fast Eddie.'

Where in the Hell do these sickos come from?

Ed Savitz
was one of four sons by Jewish Russian immigrants Paul and Ann Gechman Savitz.

Edward Isadore "Ed" Savitz (also known as Uncle Eddie, Fast Eddie and Dr. Feel Good) (February 22, 1942 – March 27, 1993) was an American businessman, largely an actuary who was arrested for paying thousands of young men for either engaging in anal and oral sex or for giving him dirty underwear and feces, which he kept in pizza boxes in his apartment.

Ed Savitz had an apartment on Rittenhouse Square and for years was known by the male youth of the area through word of mouth as a quick source of cash. From as far back as 1975, he offered teenage boys money, concert tickets and football tickets for their soiled underwear, and various sexual acts including: oral and anal sex, slamming his penis in a door, penis sword fights, urinating on him, vomiting in his mouth and defecating in his mouth through a potty chair. He reportedly kept the feces in pizza boxes in his apartment. He told the boys to eat cheese to make the feces taste better.

Arrest and death

Savitz was first arrested in 1978 on an indecent assault charge. His record was expunged after he completed a rehabilitation program. In 1990, he was found not guilty on charges relating to the purchase of a minor's soiled underwear.

The neighbors in his high-rise apartment building complained of young boys entering and leaving his apartment at all hours of the day and night.

Savitz's third arrest followed a six-month investigation by the city's sex-crime unit. By early March 1992, investigators had gathered enough evidence to install a wiretap and hidden video camera in his home. On March 25, 1992, detectives watched as Savitz offered to pay two 15-year-old boys for oral sex. Police burst into the apartment and took him into custody. Savitz was charged with crimes of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual abuse of children, indecent assault, and corrupting the morals of a minor.

Police found 5,000 photographs of boys and 312 bags of soiled boys' underwear at Savitz's apartment and a rented storage center nearby.

Although Savitz tested HIV-positive about a year before his arrest, he continued to have unprotected sex with boys until his arrest. His arrest caused an AIDS scare in the Philadelphia area due to the large number of individuals that he had sexual contact with. AIDS hotlines were flooded with calls after his photo was released.

Bail was set for three million dollars and Savitz was released. He was arrested again the next day when bail was raised to twenty million dollars after complaints involving two teenagers were verified.
Where in the hell do they get this sickness from? And what is it about Pizza and pedophiles that is so popular?

Fast Eddie is connected to another sodomite, Jerry Sandusky of the Penn State scandal.

Fast Eddie was an actuary, which is a business professional who analyzes the financial consequences of risk. Actuaries may work for insurance companies, consulting firms, government, employee benefits departments of large corporations, hospitals, banks and investment firms, or, more generally, in businesses that need to manage financial risk.

Which begs the question: Which outfits, stock markets, companies or pension funds did these diseased degenerate do actuarial studies for and are they missing any money, because 'Fast Eddie' sure was fast in coming up with that 3 million dollar bail.


  1. Wonder if that's where they got the name for the Hustler "Fast Eddie" Felson played by MOSSAD agent Paul Newman.

    Paul here admitting to his heritage....

    Funny how good 'ol Paul played a ton of irish characters committing jew like crimes.


  2. And for a little inside joke the jews love so your face you stupid goyim.....

  3. Dang you, Greg. I couldn't finish dinner after this.

  4. anyone know what the address of his house on st james was?

  5. Why are jews so fascinated with piss and shit????

  6. Someone from Fox Chase probably wrote this !


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