Thursday, June 15, 2017

Why all the Shock and Horror Over an American Using Violence to Resolve a Situation?

Our own government teaches its citizens from birth that violence is a very acceptable way to fix any problem or resolve any situation that the USG thinks is a problem or MIGHT become one. The USG will break numerous federal, state and international laws to resolve with violence--usually over-the-top--any situation in its favor. So why does the MSM and others get so shocked and horrified when one of its citizens decides to emulate what the USG does on a daily basis and apply that to his perceived situation?

Whether we're blowing up the latest MENA nation for the glory of Apartheid Israel, or carpet bombing Gaza--"Israel has the right to protect itself"--or sending in special forces assassins into some African nation to stir up trouble, because Wall Street wants to loot that nation's natural resources, violence is the way that destruction or overthrow is accomplished, on a far BIGGER scale than the Alexandria shooter used, so calm down America, after all, the good student of American Imperialism was just doing what he was taught to do by his government.

Americans and our government LOVE violence, whether its dropping Napalm on some GOOK village...

Or using White Phosphorous on those damned rag-heads...

That's how we roll sucker and if YOU don't like it, then maybe you need to get an attitude adjustment from your friendly local Storm Troopers!

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  1. gooks and ragheads. I went to Florida for vacation last year and was really shocked to hear 'ragheads' and A-RABS. The people using such terms had rotten teeth too.


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