Sunday, July 23, 2017

Americans, Meet Your New Currency, the SDR

Your New Banker!
Backed by those lovelies at the IMF and World Bank, two philanthropic institutions that only have YOUR personnel well-being in mind!

The SDR--Special Drawing Rights--will be used to 'enhance' the moribund FED USD notes, which are so bloated as to be worthless, so the international gang of banksters, the ones who brought you WW I, The Crash of '29, WW II, the Crash of 2008 and the current War of Terror, are now going to help Americans get off their addiction to unlimited supply--if you're a Wall Street Casino--of FED notes by crashing the US economy.

Those kindly bankers know that the best time to introduce major change is right after a terrific shock to the system, like giving us the endless ME wars after the banksters financed the Israeli master-minded 9/11 False Flag.

After all, You DON'T want to wind up like the Germans after WW I, using their worthless Marks to feed the furnace!

The international banksters have generously agreed to let cash-poor Americans trade in their worthless FED notes for the new SDR at a 10 to 1 ratio. For every ten dollars of those nasty FED notes you trade in, the banksters will give you ONE SDR!

After WW I, prices in Germany sometimes DOUBLED every FOUR days

So rest assured, the international banksters have an unlimited supply of Thin Air, and will gladly loan that to Americans, for a small fee, naturally!

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  1. I get the feeling we're headed for a "perfect storm" of sorts--economic collapse, ecological collapse, societal collapse (if gas goes up to $15 a gallon and food prices rise on a similar scale we will likely see rioting in the streets), and probably a major war as well. The super rich are already buying up undergound "doomsday bunkers" in Kansas and probably elsewhere as well. So it looks like the elites are expecting the whole thing to go south.


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