Friday, July 14, 2017

'Holy' Man of G-d Rabbi Steals Funds Meant for Disabled Children

Do these immoral assholes have any ethics or is it 'anything goes' when dealing with GOYIM tax monies

Rabbi Indicted Alongside His Three Friends For Stealing $12 Million Meant For Disabled Children

Four men were on Tuesday indicted after they were accused of stealing millions of dollars meant for a pre-school for disabled children.

Rabbi Samuel Hiller and his friends Ira Kurman, Daniel Laniado and Roy Hoffman of the Island Child Development Center (ICDC) were arrested over allegations that they siphoned off a whopping $12.4 million from the taxpayer-funded institution’s $27 million budget for seven years between 2005 and 2012. The stolen money was spent on the four’s personal interests among other business ventures.

An investigation into the school’s funds commenced in July 2012 as a routine audit, coming after the state controller’s office informed Kurman of the impending audit on Special Education Itinerant Teachers funds. When the time finally came and auditors arrived at the institution, Kurman reportedly fled with account records.

ICDC is among the largest providers of special education for disabled children in New York, providing services primarily within the Orthodox Jewish Communities living in Far Rockaway in Queens, Willamsburg and Borough Park in Brooklyn. Their services target children aged between 3 and 5 years.

Hiller, 56, reportedly spent up to $8 million to fund other religious schools with no links to ICDC. Part of the money was spent on funding Orthodox youth summer camps, with $3 million reportedly channeled to B’nos Bais Yaakov Academy, a girls’ private school headed by Hiller himself. In addition, $30,000 was allegedly spent on plumbing work at his home in Elvira Avenue.
Those poor dears! Just trying to get by in a difficult situation, and along comes some nasty Jew-hating anti-Semite (read: The Goyim know) to arrest these men of G-d, how dare they! Don't they know that Jews are Chosen by G-d and may do what they want to use Gentiles, rob, cheat, steal, rape and even murder, it's OK in the eyes of their G-d, just as long they don't screw over other Jews.

G-d has spoken.

This brings up the ghost of past tribulations, all the fault of those nasty GOYIM who never seem to tire of going after G-d's fav people, Das Juden. Good GOYIM knows that its really those Mexicans that are the real fraud artists, not G-d's Chosen, you idiots!

Now if your one of THOSE GOYIM who wonder why Das Juden always seem to be up to their necks in frauds, thefts, lies, racketeering and corruption, like their Kosher Komrade, Israeli PM Nutttyahoo, then it's time to get your sorry GOY ass to the nearest FEMA re-education center camp, where you can experience the tender mercies of concentration camp guards trained in Apartheid Israel!

If the DOJ wants to find the shyster that fled with some of the loot and records, look for him in Israel, heaven on earth for thieves, liars, fraudsters, con artists, even child rapists. And good luck extraditing the bastard, as any Das Juden who makes 'aliyah' to Stolenland is free from the reach of those GOY DA's!
“Warsaw – Israel has refused to extradite a Jew accused of atrocities against German prisoners in Poland after WWII, the Polish Justice Ministry said yesterday. Solomon Morel, who commanded the Swietochlowice camp for Germans in southern Poland from February to November 1945, allegedly tortured inmates and is considered responsible for at least 1,538 deaths. Israel refused Poland’s request for extradition, saying the statute of limitations had run out.
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  1. Yup..."anything goes"....Speilberg told everybody a long time ago...

  2. BTW Your writing style is becoming quite awesome!

    It seems my first comment got lost due to my dying computer. It seems that they did steal from primarily Jewish children orgs. However, rabbis, as you note, can do no wrong. The cult of the rabbi is astonishingly powerful when you look for "Jewish art" online. They just adore making art of these sick critters drinking, dancing, fiddling. After awhile you realize this a very powerful black stain of soul-sickness and must strongly effect those hypnotized under their sway.

    They committed no crimes according to their Talmud. What bothers me is that people support them despite the evidence. I find myself wondering how many children were possibly abused in the entire process.

  3. Salam! I haven't been posting because I am in my summer getaway near the belly of the beast, if you can get the meaning. You know, where they make the "desert bloom." But not in the pit of the belly just close. I will go even closer soon. Will report when I return to the land of the free as far (as it gets...) here for 3 months. I will continue to read from the 'community' blogs! Just didn't want you to think maybe I am dead:-)

  4. Hi

    Just reposted this article on my blog
    I allowed myself to add one correction. Hope you don't take this amiss; die German plural is DIE JUDEN, not das Juden.


    Bernard Weckmann

  5. Have also added you to blogroll



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