Saturday, July 15, 2017

How Deluded Are You By Zionist Brainwashing?

Answer these questions to see how far infected your brain is by Zionist Jew brainwashing.

1.) When you think of the most violent Prohibition-era gangsters, do you always think of Italians, like Al Capone?

Yes or No?

2.) When you think of Israel, do you believe that Israelis are descended from their Hebrew ancestors?

Yes of No?

3. When you see this picture of piled-up dead bodies, ready to be burnt, does your mind immediately think of what has been called the Jew Holocaust?
Yes or No?

4.) Which ME nation welcomes child rapists and protects them from being extradited for their heinous crimes?


"Mazel Tov from the Purple Gang!"

1.) If you thought Al Capone was the most violent Prohibition-era bunch of gangsters, you'd be wrong, as that title goes to Detroit's Purple Gang, made up of mostly Jews, with a bloody track record, even setting up and participating in the infamous St. Valentine's Day massacre.

2.) Hardly any of the so-called Israeli Jews are actually descended from the Biblical ones, as numerous studies have shown, their DNA show conclusively that some are from Europe, and some from Mongolia.

3. The piled up dead bodies are from Dresden, Germany, the result of the horrendous February 1945 Allied fire bombing of the city, that was NOT a military target. Up to 500,000 people were incinerated, the exact number is not know, since many refugees were fleeing the sadistic Bolshevik Jew led Soviet army advancing West.
More than 700.000 phosphorus bombs were dropped on 1.2 million people. One bomb for every 2 people. The temperature in the centre of the city reached 1600 o centigrade. More than 260.000 bodies and residues of bodies were counted. But those who perished in the centre of the city can't be traced. Approximately 500.000 children, women, the elderly, wounded soldiers and the animals of the zoo were slaughtered in one night.

One eyewitness who survived told of seeing "young women carrying babies running up and down the streets, their dresses and hair on fire, screaming until they fell down, or the collapsing buildings fell on top of them."

Others hiding below ground died. But they died painlessly--they simply glowed bright orange and blue in the darkness. As the heat intensified, they either disintegrated into cinders or melted into a thick liquid--often three or four feet deep in spots.
Why isn't there a 'Dresden Fire-Bombing' Remembrance Day?

4.) The country that not only welcomes child rapists, but protects them from being extradited for their sinister crime(s) is Israel.
Israel has become a safe haven for Jewish pedophiles from around the world, a leading advocate for child sexual abuse victims warned Monday at a Knesset committee pre-hearing on pedophilia in the ultra-Orthodox community.

“Sex offenders tend to move from country to country to avoid jail, but what makes Israel unique is the Law of Return, which essentially grants unhindered access to anyone who is Jewish to come here without any real screening..."
Any Questions?


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  2. The Purple gang was led by four brothers: Abe, Joe, Raymond, and Izzy Bernstein. It wouldn't surprise me if their offspring hold jobs in the Federal Reserve today.


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