Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Why Is Israel So Corrupt?" Really?

Asked by an Israeli Jew!

Why? They can't help it, their DNA--and their cult religion--commands them to steal, defraud, con and cheat others.
Meanwhile, the story that has riveted the Israeli public in the last 24 hours has been the detaining of Shaul Elovitch, the controlling shareholder of Bezeq, the dominant Israeli telecommunications firm that holds a near monopoly on land-lines, and as a result land-Internet connectivity. Think of AT&T before the breakup.

Elovitch, as well of a numbers of others, are being accused by Israel’s equivalent of the Security and Exchange Commission of self-dealing to enrich himself at the expense of the other shareholders. Without going into too many details, one of the matters under investigation is the charge that Elovitch – who controls Bezeq through his holdings in other companies – arranged for Bezeq to purchase Yes, Israel’s Satellite Television firm (he owned the majority of the shares) for an inflated price.

The result of this and other alleged actions is that Bezeq made a number of deals that lined Elovitch’s personal pockets instead of investing in its aging infrastructure.

On the business front, Elovitch is not the only leading “tycoon” to fall afoul of the law. Nochi Dankner, who until four years ago headed Israel's largest pyramid of companies, is currently appealing his conviction for stock manipulation. Eliezer Fishman, who controlled another large group of companies, was declared bankrupt today by the judge hearing his case.

In the political world the situation is even more troubling. Four cabinet ministers, including the Prime Minister himself, are under investigation for various crimes and the current Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman only escaped prosecution – despite police recommendation – because the government’s Attorney General claimed there was not enough proof to prosecute.

Of course, it does not end there. Former Prime Minister Olmert is in jail and the list of mayors that have been convicted or charged is breathtaking.

While many are proud of Israel’s democracy — i.e., that everyone [except Palestinians] is “equal before the law” —some have begun to question why so many politicians and leading businessman have been accused or found guilty of corruption....
You anti-Semite! Israel's corruption isn't that bad not when ranked against other corrupt nations, so there, smarty-pants!

I'm sure their quisling Congress will be aghast at this info and hurry to rush another multi-billion dollar aid package to the Khazars.

Why so corrupt?

When a group of European con artists, frauds, thieves, liars, murderers and scam artists invade another nation--Palestine--and take it over, beating, torturing and murdering the Palestinians to extinction, while stealing their land, homes and possessions, those habits are hard to kill--unlike pregnant woman and kids--and spill over into everyday life, hence the corruption.

If the world came to its senses and turned Israel into another 'Pale of Settlement,' and didn't allow Israelis to travel the world, lying to us GOY and cheating, defrauding, stealing and other forms of theft and only had other Jews to pull their scams against, within two decades, Israel would cease to exist, since these frauds would soon go to war with their fellow Tribe members, over all the lying, cheating, stealing and defrauding Das Juden were doing to other Chosen ones.

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