Monday, August 21, 2017

AntiFA THUGS Want to Destroy US Constitution

To their sick, twisted, sadistic, hate-filled minds, they must be thinking that since the US Constitution--And Bill of Rights--were created by slave owners, then those precious documents must be destroyed.

Posted at Boston Antifa
If you want to join these sick fucks, you'll have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement from George (((Soros))) (This might be a satirical piece, but it doesn't mention that on the site)

Cheer up, Comrade, you'll love our Brave New Jew World or else! Plenty of FEMA Gulags around Comrade.


  1. I'm not so sure that satirical, and/or trolling, sites need to register as satirical or trolling sites, so that may not be relevant, although usually they have the common courtesy of, at least, putting what they are in the small print. Rogue governments don't seem to do that though. In fact, I heard it's actually LEGAL now.
    Common sense, however, is relevant---unless you want to be like Alex Jones, that is.

    1. Once again, my son told me that Boston Antifa is a troll site. Get with it old man.

    2. Maybe, but I don't take kindly to 'trolls' threatening to take down the Constitution.

    3. I, myself, don't think that's what's happening. I can always be wrong though. I just don't think I am. Humor is good.

    4. Besides, didn't dubya say that that the constitution is just a piece of paper, or something? Who cares about the constitution except us? No one, that's who.

      What am I saying? Heck if I know.

    5. Don't all these people in our government make a public vow on the bible, or something,to honor the constitution, or some such? Nevermind. Don't answer. Too disgusting.

    6. Actually I think he said, the constitution is just a goddamned piece of paper. That sounds about right.

    7. I am sick of identity politics.<---and I didn't even cuss.

    [Editor’s note: Someone once memorably stated ‘those who ignore history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them’ and he was right. This destruction of historical monuments, regardless of whether they are of Judeo-Zionist Bolshevik mass murderer Lenin or anyone else, should be bitterly opposed as it is part of a crass attempt to wipe the collective memory of a nation. The same thing has already happened in Poland where over 2,000 Communist-era monuments have been removed.

    It would be far, far better to leave these monuments in place, to serve as reminders of the past and the mistakes made; instead of this vandalistic destruction, the people should be educated about who Lenin was, what he did to the peoples of the Ukraine and Russia and his statues left in place as stark reminders of the evil he represented. A simple information board placed alongside the monument containing the important information people need to know about Lenin and the Bolshevik terror would be far better.

    Of course, the Ukrainian government is not carrying out this destruction for any reasons that benefit the people of Ukraine, rather, they are trying to strengthen the hatred of Russia and all things Russian in the minds of the Ukrainian sheeple. Rather than correctly identifying Lenin as a Judeo-Zionist and willing tool of the banking elite, they are falsely associating Lenin with Russia and using the images of Lenin as a convenient proxy for Russia – destroy the hated Lenin, he was a Russian don’t you know? Ian]

    ...Can we be certain that any holohoax memorials will be torn down? That is what will remain so the worship of THAT LIE can be forever extorted. The Jews trying their best to look like the worlds humanitarians that are running sores of hallucinating victimization. The rise of the AntiChrist is at hand.

    1. comment said,

      ["Curiously, the one statue of Lenin that will not be pulled down is the one in Seattle, Wa.
      In a south side Chicago neighborhood a statue of Lincoln was pulled down, set afire and vandalized with the words f*** law.
      Who’s next? Washington? Jefferson, how about Paul Revere? Or maybe Benjamin Franklin?
      Hell….let’s tear ’em all down and toss history into the trash bin. Don’t forget Mt. Rushmore and there are plenty of streets named after Washington, Lincoln,Jefferson and so on that need to be changed to names that only SJWs approve of.
      Any black person with the last name Washington better do something about it straight away before they get accused of raycism. My god!… The phone book is filled with Washingtons, Jeffersons and Lincolns not to mention Lees and Jacksons!
      A new law has been passed by congress that will make the use of any of these names racist, homophobic and transgender hostile. Anyone caught with such a name will be subject to 250,000 fine and a year in prison."]

    2. If antifa asshats get their way, the faces on Mt. Rushmore will be blown off to be replaced by?? Maybe Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao?

      Or maybe Hertzl, the Rebbe, Ben Gurion and Golda Meir?

    3. No one ever listens to me. Ever. I've always thought that. I guess I'm not very authoritative, or something. It disturbs me.

    4. By the way, Mt. Rushmore does need to be gone. I only want a mountain there. Am I antifa? No, I'm not.

    5. In fact, I hate ALL statues. Take them all down, as far as I'm concerned.

  3. Here is another one for I have read many articles here about the Jewish slave trade.

    [Editor’s note: The following letter, written in response to a crass attempt at historical revisionism by Rabbi Cooper, serves as an excellent primer/overview on the subject of the Jewish role in both the oppression of black people and the promotion of white supremacy. This has become particularly relevant today as we see the exact same factors at play in sponsoring and promulgating the current waves of inter-ethnic violence in the USA. Ian]

  4. I would like to have the last word, please.

  5. all Neocon...."republicans"....should have to wear those
    vagina Public, or pay a 100,000.00$ US fine

    all "Jew" worshippers should have to spend 10 years in administrative detention
    learning the TRUTH about the Synagogue of Satan "JEWISH" so-called NARRATIVE...

    Define : INTELLIGENCE....

    Truth isn't on Holiday




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