Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How to Start a Riot & Blame it on White Males

First, contact a company run by Adam SWART, called, "Crowds on Demand" that supplies all the actors thugs one needs to stir things up--This kind of business must do well, since they're located in one of the richest communities in the USA, Beverly Hills, CA.

Adam will post ads looking for actors thugs in outlets like "Craigslist" offering actors thugs $25 bucks an hour to stir things up, like in Charlottesville.
Now, the discovery of a craigslist ad posted last Monday, almost a full week before the Charlottesville protests, is raising new questions over whether paid protesters were sourced by a Los Angeles based "public relations firm specializing in innovative events" to serve as agitators in counterprotests.

The ad was posted by a company called "Crowds on Demand" and offered $25 per hour to "actors and photographers" to participate in events in the "Charlotte, NC area." While the ad didn't explicitly define a role to be filled by its crowd of "actors and photographers" it did ask applicants to comment on whether they were "ok with participating in peaceful protests." Here is the text from the ad:

Actors and Photographers Wanted in Charlotte

Crowds on Demand, a Los Angeles-based Public Relations firm specializing in innovative events, is looking for enthusiastic actors and photographers in the Charlotte, NC area to participate in our events. Our events include everything from rallies to protests to corporate PR stunts to celebrity scenes. The biggest qualification is enthusiasm, a "can-do" spirit. Pay will vary by event but typically is $25+ per hour plus reimbursements for gas/parking/Uber/public transit.

For more information about us, please visit

If you're interested in working with us, please reply to this posting with the following info:

Full Name
Prior relevant experience (as an actor/performer, photographer, brand ambassador, political activist, etc)
When are you usually available for work?
Resume (optional)
If you're a photographer, what equipment do you use?
Are you ok with participating in peaceful protests (optional)?
Then sic your hired actors thugs loose on the unsuspecting peaceful marchers of the 'Unite the Right' movement in Charlottesville, by having your actors thugs throw cement-filled soda cans, and urine-filled balloons at the marchers, while law enforcement 'Stands Down.'

Wait until the scuffles break out into a full-scale riot, then have the (((MSM))) piss and moan about those Nasty Nazis, when it was actually the Antifa thugs doing the violence.

The Big Question is , who hired Crowd on Demand? Soros?

Uncle Joe Would Be Proud!


  1. And as for Craigslist and pulling down posts....

  2. Am in Jerusalem, old city right now. I was talking to a couple of Palestinian Jerusalemites who brought up the topic of NC. They are taking this news as a real event. I didn't say anything because I have not read up on it yet, too distracted by other things at the moment! Like the visible occupation I am witnessing up close and personal. But just hearing as much as I have I already figure it's a sham on some level.

  3. PS--I prayed inside Al Asqa mosque! Lotta tension. I witnessed many occupation guards on the compound and Muslims chasing a large group of Jews in black hats off the compound. "For Muslims only!" the Muslims shouted not the least bit intimated. AND my niece was suppose to be my companion here but because she is under 55 years they would not allow here. I have an American passport so after much harassment that made no sense I got into Jerusalem. ALONE. Freedom of movement for Arabs and the lack thereof would blow any Americans minds. I came in from the Jordan (the Arab) border so I got the harassment like an Arab!
    My computer often gets directed to some Israeli shit about creepy!


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