Wednesday, August 23, 2017


George Soros must be trying to save money?

Why not, they serve the same Master...

Antifa Clashes With Black Lives Matter in Dallas

Wait until BLM discovers the Big Player behind slavery, the group supplying the ships and financing.
Then they can mention a word that has been kidnapped by a group of ethnic gangsters, Reparations!

Only chicken shits, pedophiles and bank robbers hide behind a mask.


  1. Transatlantic Slave Trade was taught to all of us in reverse:

    vid mark 7.50

    Cryptojew Chistopher C. started the first part of it in taking black American ´indians´ on ships back to Spain.

  2. Let's also not forget that one of Obama's best friends is Bill"Weather UNDERGROUND Terriorist"Ayers.Btw it wouldn't surpise me that The Weather Underground is one of the Earliest groups that George Soros 1st funded(I Don't know?).Because he is Emperor Palpatine The Sith Lord in the flesh.

  3. How the Jews won the Battle of Charlottesville

  4. Please stop. Do I really have to think about this nonsense? UGH.

  5. Everything the government does and will do is planned by the federal reserve bank owners aka illuminati NWO they fund these people on left and right who has the time or money to stand around all day. They fund false flag attacks that have stretched be to the founding of the country and long before. How did we win independence from England with a handful of settlers when they had already conquered half of Asia and Europe. Everything the government says is a lie 911, boston bombing, terrorists all funded by our government to take out presidents in other countries while they tell us every leader except our own is evil and must be destroyed. We spend billions on wars why so we can save the poor people of the country while killing them on a daily basis. Wake up America and realize we are the evil in the world.


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