Sunday, August 6, 2017

My Interview with Israeli PM Ben-Jamin Netanyahu

"Mr. Prime Minister, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview. Let's start off by asking you your thoughts on the German submarine purchase corruption investigation, especially one Miki Ganor, turning state's evidence and your cousin David Shimron, that has your office in a uproar?"
"Thank you, Prime Minister, that was a very well thought out reply! Now for my next question, what are your feelings on your good buddy Shaul Elovitch getting ensnared in the Bezeq tele-comm scandal?"
"Ready for another, Mr. PM? Good. What are your thoughts on the Israeli binary options scandal that also involves your friends getting in on the action?"
"Again, such honesty on such a tacky subject is refreshing!"
"Almost done, Bibi! Is there any truth to the stories going around that your wife diverted public money to use for personal matters?"
"Now for my last question: What are your thoughts on Gazans starving to death and subjecting them to the brutal Summer heat by cutting off their electric supplies, both deliberate actions by Israel?"

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  1. HOW "JEWISH".

    Knowing the Truth is the exit strategy from the stool sculpture
    {{{{{JEWISH}}} deity cult compound




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