Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Pentagon Supplying DAESH Terrorists in Afghanistan

Mystery Aviation in Afghanistan: Whose is it?

Recently, media reports of unidentified aircraft flying over Afghanistan and supplying Daesh terrorists with weapons emerged.

A question emerges: where did the helicopters appear from in the airspace where only NATO, US and Afghan aviation is allowed to fly?
Or it could be the Shadow President's buddy, Erik Prince and his war criminal outfit.

"Happy Birthday, ISIS, from your loving Uncle Sam!"

Let me take a guess, it was the same outfit that supplied al Qaeda, ISIS and DAESH thugs in Iraq and Syria, giving them weapons, money and even their own air force when they got in a tight spot, by either bombing the Syrian Army, fighting the terrorists or by providing them with a helicopter ride out of there to safer climes.
Gotta protect those Afghanistan poppy fields!


  1. The jewnited States is DOPE FUCKED by the


    and the braindeadgoy on the couch watching
    TALMUDVISION...don't give a rats ass
    or a {{{{SHIT}}}} about the OPIOID epidemic


    looks like some real adventures on the horizon...
    mass hysteria...mass insanity...mass mind control


    hell I remember when the Mass was in latin



  2. "there were bad people on both sides"...

    only the good bad people on our side are always

    {{{{JEWISH}}}}....WTF !!!


    ..." a doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways"...


    DUH !!!

    PIE or CAKE...?


    look over there some guy with a weird haircut has NUKES !!!

    Ja Ja,



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