Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"The Poppy Fields are SAFE! Trump Wages More War Against Afghanistan & Now Also Pakistan"

Like professional LIAR Bill Kristol said, the Deep State is winning. The Poppy Fields are safe, thank G-d, the European False Flags helped convince Trump to keep killing Afghans for years to come. And added bonus is now we're going to be bombing Pakistan, since Syria is kinda off limits. At least West of the Euphrates River.

Goldman Government Sachs knows the Xmas bonuses this year will be extra big, since the Afghanistan opium output will keep soaring. Just thinking of all those hundreds of billions to be laundered by TBTF Wall Street banks and protected by the USG!

Question: Since the Taliban control over 60% of Afghanistan, why would they need 'safe haven' in Pakistan?

Top Israel Lobby Senator Proposes Permanent US Air Bases For Afghanistan

In a Sunday morning interview Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) stated that it would be “enormously beneficial” to maintain air bases in Afghanistan “in perpetuity.”

“I think it would be enormously beneficial to the region as well as Afghanistan,” Graham said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

The ongoing military threat to the region would also serve to help Israel maintain it’s monopoly of nuclear weapons force in relation to Pakistan which also lies within striking distance of the permanent US air bases.

Graham continues “It would be a signal to the whole region that Afghanistan is going to be a different place.”
"Ssshhhh!" Statue of Judaic Confederate slave owner stands untouched in Florida

UPDATE: Israeli ass-kisser Senator Graham warns his ISIS buddies will attack the USA if Congress doesn't get on-board with more war against Afghanistan.


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    "Jew" worshipping is a violation of the 1st Commandment


    the "Jewish" narrative is a violation of the 9th Commandment



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