Friday, August 4, 2017

What Happens When You Try to Serve a Subpoena to a Jew

Mr. Browder ought to be on an Olympic track team! You'd think that someone like Browder--or whatever his REAL name is--would be more than happy to tell what he knows in a court of law?
Browder affair is a heady upper-class Jewish cocktail of money, spies, politicians and international crime. Almost all involved figures appear to be Jewish, not only Browder, Brothers Ziff and Ben Cardin.

The Juden in this case is William Browder, a Russian who is behind a lot of the PHONY PUTIN-TRUMP case. He's also one of the original Russian JEW oligarchs who looted hundreds of billions from Russian after the USSR went belly-up and the plundering and looting was on a cosmic scale.

But as his kind are wont to do, he got greedy, real greedy, hiring a shrewd money manager by the name of Magnitsky, to avoid paying taxes on his loot. When Putin was elected, he put a stop to the wholesale looting of Russian assets by Jew oligarchs, thereby earning the hatred of thieves like Browder.

Chapeau, Mr Browder!
Hats off for this incredible man. Last month, he succeeded in stopping a film screening in the European parliament and took off a few articles from American web sites. This week, he turned the only US screening of a film critical to his version of events into a ruckus. No freedom of speech for his enemies! His lawyers prowl around and issue summons to whoever digs in his sordid affairs. His hacks re-wrote his Wikipedia entry, expunging even discussions of the topic: despite hundreds of edits, nothing survived but the official version. Only a few powerful men succeed purifying their record to such an extent. Still, good fortune (a notoriously flighty lady) is about to desert Mr Browder.

Who is this extremely influential man? A businessman, a politician, a spy? The American-born Jewish tycoon William Browder, says The Jewish Chronicle, considers himself Putin’s Number One enemy. For him, Putin is “no friend of the Jews”, “cold-blooded killer” and even “criminal dictator who is not too different from Hitler, Mussolini or Gadhafi”. More to a point, Browder is the man who contributed most to the new cold war between the West and Russia. The roots were there, still he made them blossom. If the US and Russia haven’t yet exchanged nuclear salvos, do not blame Browder: he tried. For a valid reason, too: he was hit by cruel Hitler-like Mr Putin into his most susceptible spot, namely his pocket. Or was there even a better reason?

It turned out that he did two unforgivable things. Russians were afraid the foreigners would buy all their assets for a song, using favourable exchange rates and lack of native capital, as had happened in the Baltic states and other ex-Communist East European countries. In order to avoid that, shares of Russian blue-chip companies (Gazprom and suchlike) were traded among Russian citizens only. Foreigners had to pay much more. Browder bought many such shares via Russian frontmen, and he was close to getting control over Russian oil and gas. Putin suspected that he had acted in the interests of big foreign oil companies, trying to repeat the feat of Mr Khodorkovsky.
His second mistake was being too greedy. Russian taxation is very low; but Browder did not want to pay even this low tax. He hired Mr Magnitsky, an experienced auditor, who used loopholes in the Russian tax code in order to avoid taxes altogether. Magnitsky established dummy companies based in tax-free zones of Russia, such as pastoral Kalmykia, small, Buddhist, and autonomous. Their tax-free status had been granted in order to improve their economy and reduce unemployment; however, Browder’s companies did not contribute to economy and did not employ people; they were paper dummies swiftly bankrupted by the owner.
Another Magnitsky trick was to form companies fronted by handicapped people who were also freed from paying tax. In the film, some of these persons, often illiterate and of limited intelligence, told the filmmaker of signing papers they could not read and of being paid a little money for the millions passing through their account.

What makes Browder so powerful? He invests in politicians. This is probably a uniquely Jewish quality: Jews outspend everybody in contributions to political figures. The Arabs will spend more on horses and jets, the Russians prefer real estate, the Jews like politicians. The Russian NTV channel reported that Browder lavishly financed the US lawmakers. Here they present alleged evidence of money transfers: some hundred thousand dollars was given by Browder’s structures officially to the senators and congressmen in order to promote the Magnitsky Act.
I think we're all dead and are doing time in some kind of Purgatory where all--or damn near all--of the demons tormenting us Gentiles are Jews.
Watch Bill Browder Heap Scorn on 'Russians' in Senate Testimony

This little video compilation is nothing short of extraordinary. At one point there is a back and forth between Browder and Richard Blumenthal, the senator from Connecticut, both of whom are Jewish, about how 'evil' Putin is. Blumenthal has been one of the loudest drum-bangers on Russia-gate.
Comment left at this story:

mark • 20 hours ago

When it comes to Russia, any old martyr will do, whether it's Pussy Riot or some Jew Shysters like "Browder", or whatever name he's using now, and Khordokovsky. You see this joker appearing in Congress and the House of Commons and whatever poison he spews out is instantly treated like Holy Writ. Guaranteed to get a deferential and uncritical hearing from his Jew buddies in both places and the MSM. Strange how the seven oligarchs who looted Russia in the 1990s and stole 70% of its wealth (before Putin brought them to heel) were all Jewboys. Pure coincidence, of course. Just like how 85% of the Bolshevik leaders who imposed Communism on Russia in 1917 and went on to butcher 50 million Russians were Jewboys. All pure coincidence. Strange how all the Blumenthals, Nulands, Kagans, Soroses and Rachel Madcows and the hundreds and thousands of others like them who are orchestrating the Anti Russia Hatefest are all Jewboys and girls. Just another strange coincidence.


  1. We are chattel/cattle to these insatiable creatures. Another example of how low they go for shekels. And their greed, beyond impossible to describe. They won't be happy until they own everything, including our souls.

    Not on my watch.

  2. Typos: "The Jews" is "Die Juden" in German, not "Das Juden."
    " Juden" is plural (jews) and "die" is the definite article for plural. When referring to a single individual, it is "Jude," not "Juden, thus "The Jude in this case is William Browder," not "The Juden in this case is William Browder."
    Sorry to be nitpicking an excellent, highly informative article, but "das Juden" grates.


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