Sunday, October 22, 2017

3 BUTCHERS in a Row Which 1 has Killed More People, Do U KNOW?

What a Murderer's Row, Bloody Maddy, Nutty Nikki and Crazy Condi. Typhoid Mary is in the Bush leagues compared to these blood-soaked maniacs.

At this time, the award for slaughtering the most people, namely Muslims, has to go to Crazy Condi, who lovingly assisted her bat-shit crazy president GW Bush, in launching the long-planned Zionist War of Terror against the Islamic world, resulting in the deaths of millions and millions, with millions more scheduled for the butcher's knife. All made possible by the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag.

Coming in close second is the butcher Bloody Maddy, who goes orgasmic anytime she hears about Muslims getting slaughtered.

But none of these butchers can match the Grand Dame of Murder,the Mistress of Mayhem, that psycho bitch everyone either loves or hates, Hillary Clinton!

But don't give up on Nutty Nikki just yet, it's early in her career and between being a pathological liar who believes her own Bullshit to being a rabid Israeli-First war monger, chomping at the bit to attack Iran, Nutty Nikki might yet capture the top spot!

Back in 2000, Zionist Jews had infested every organ of the USG, shaping policy to Israel's benefit. Do you think the number of Jews in the USG has dropped or grown since then?


  1. it certainly wasn't towel heads or sand niggers

    or eskimos or hawaiians

    oy vey,


  2. Nikky Haley may top them all depending on how the situation in the ME plays out-

  3. Remember pal
    I have said this over and over
    Why you people ignore this truth?????
    Men in uniform do all the dirty deeds.
    They the ones that kill everyone
    You said you wore a uniform??
    How many people did you kill??
    Or you never in battle??
    Those people kill no one
    They live great lives
    You get to be a hero or victim
    You,in uniform
    You kill all the people
    Men in uniform make all the atrocities.
    When you gonna get that truth out there??
    Part two
    I will send in a few minutes

  4. On Condy Rice
    I watched the Oprah master class series where she was on
    I know I know
    I do not care for Oprah
    But like you people searching for info
    I watched the episode
    I have a bad desire for her
    She is cute in a very darkish way
    From my experience
    Just about all people with spaced front tooth like her are promiscuous???
    Maybe you disagree
    Try figuring it out when speaking to spaced teeth people.
    But she is a cute darkish black girl
    I would go for it
    Sorry,i digress
    But anyway,in that interview she confesses to how George Bush acted different on 911
    I think I sent that interview to norther thruth a while back??
    I can not find the whole interview online no more
    I only found this part
    If you can find it
    Watch the whole episode and listen to what she says about 911
    and Bush out of character
    I love the sound of her voicebox
    I think greencrow has the same effect??
    You know
    Get what I am saying??
    Well here is the short version
    Find the whole interview and wait for that part

    Men in uniform are the true psychotic demons on the planet
    Please,never forget that truth
    Thank you

  5. Very darkish way
    I said darkish
    I was thinking darkish
    She looks like a cute dork
    Love her voicebox
    At the beginning of that clip i attached
    She said she could of done her job better.
    Maybe she was pressured to be sicker than you give her credit for and she was fighting not be that sick.
    But in reality
    The only sick ones are men in uniform
    The only truth you should dwell on
    For without the psychotic men in uniform
    Who would do all the dirty deeds for the elite who think them up??
    When you figure that out
    You may actually make a change
    A cute devilish dork
    I would mount her for the weekend
    thank you


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