Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Groveling 4 Shekels; Racists Trying 2 Ban Gilad Atzmon from Speaking

Let's not let him talk, after all, dialogue is violence, at least to the snowflakes infesting the West.

Gilad joined the protest against himself and NO ONE recognized him! Guess they didn't have on their official anti-Semite glasses that allow the Chosen to identify those who may speak and who should just STFU.

The fucking clueless idiots are protesting against Atzmon's book, "Being in Time," but NONE of these morons have read it.

With so many colleges and university's in the West, how can those GOYIM be so fucking stupid?

I was invited to speak about my new book Being in Time - A Post Political Manifesto at Reading International Festival on October 22 2017. Zionist organisations were outraged. They mounted pressure on the venue and the council. They demanded the event cancelled. They mobilised a Rabbi to terrorise the resilient peace loving solidarity campaigners. Nothing worked. But one Labour Councillor was willing to do the Sabbos Goy job. Rachel Eden didn't bother to check who I am or what I stand for. She wants to be an MP, and she needs the paymasters at the LFI to approve her loyalty. I wish her luck,

Guess where at-large war criminal Tony Blair got his millions?


  1. I'm buying it. Atzmon's stuff is well worth reading. Keep up the good fight, Gilad.

  2. A (wo)man's life is colored by her imagination." -- Marcus Aurelius

  3. She'll probably get elected. Whether it's Britain, the US, Canada or anywhere else, that's the sum cumulative effect of the pro-Israel lobby--to ensure that the most brainless nitwits among the population get elected to the highest offices in any given country. That's what we have in America.


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