Monday, October 23, 2017

How 2 get Sloppy Drunk, Courtesy of Israeli Terrorist Tzipi Livni

This is over a month old, happened to catch it just yesterday. This shameless Hasbara Hore told so many lies, one would need a calculator to count them all. (Notice how the interview came out in Russia on September 10, ensuring it would run all day long in the USA on 9/11?)

Here's how to get snot-slinging drunk in only minutes while watching this lying witch spew Zionist LIES.

Get a LARGE bottle of booze or a case of beer and every time a lie oozes out of her mouth, knock back a shot of liquor or slam down a beer. Trouble is, the bitch spews so many lies, you'll get plastered in minutes. Another way is to knock back some liquor every time she mentions 'Iran' or 'Hezbollah.' You'll still get sloppy drunk, but at least you won't get hammered in a matter of minutes.

Oksana Boyko isn't a Lesley "Gosh, General all those medals make me gush" Stahl, but she could of asked some hard questions or even some decent follow-up ones, like when Livni was babbling about wanting peace with the Palestinians, Oksana could of asked, "If that's true, why does the Israeli Air Force send fighter jets flying faster than the speed of sound, which causes sonic booms, over Gaza at all hours of the day, including night time, which not only causes building damages, it also wakes people up and scares the hell out of the little ones?"

Or when this foul-mouth Livni spouted that Israel really believes in the Two-State solution for Israel and Palestine, Oksana could of asked, "If so, then why does Israel kick Palestinians off their land in the West Bank, then give it to settlers, who build government subsidized housing on the stolen land and let the illegal settlements exist?"

Or when Livni plopped out the really Big One, about Israel being so concerned about doing humanitarian work that they treated ISIS/DAESH terrorists in their hospitals, Oksana should of asked, "After getting medical care, then what? Do you return them to the Syrian war, where they go to kill more Syrians. Is that humanitarian?"

But hey, that's just me and I'm no journalist.

She kept babbling the usual hasbara LIES about poor widdle Israel, wanting peace and those Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas meanies won't give them any space to live. Bullshit. The only card she didn't play is the Holocau$t™ one, but she might of towards the end, since after 20 minutes, I couldn't watch any more of the bullshit regurgitating out of Livni's open sewer mouth, had to turn off the TV to recover.
Iran off the map?

After years of being unable to strike a peace deal with the Palestinians, Israel wants to have a say in the resolution of another conflict - this time in Syria. Its objective is clear - to minimize the regional influence of Iran but isn't it a bit late in the game? Oksana is joined by Tzipi Livni, a prominent Israeli politician and former Foreign Minister of Israel to discuss these issues. Tzipi Livni is also the leader of the Hatnuah Party and Co-Chairperson of the Zionist Camp.
And Livni was a former Mossad honeypot, using her sexual skills to entrap diplomats and others, to glean info out of them in bed? There ain't enough beer in my county to get me drunk enough to want to hop in bed with this crone


  1. Nasty piece of work that one. Ever since the very long attack on Palestine about a decade ago I have despised this creature. But to be fair, she is just another Israeli politician with a tongue that cannot speak truths instead relying on lies to get through the night.

    As for the reporter: what reporter would have the wherewithal to ask such question today? To get to the level where they grovel to speak with such "personages" they have most likely already sold their soul.

  2. very good article but one glaring error who build government subsidized housing on the stolen land should be who build USA subsidized housing on the stolen land


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