Thursday, October 19, 2017

Video of Israeli PM Netanyahu Enjoying a 5-Course Meal!

When the eating is this good, table manners be damned!


  1. Speaking of Nuttyahoo...I was looking up Judge Jeanine Pirro - who is supposedly Lebanese Catholic (mom's name is Esther...hmmm) and she's just Tweeted about her trip to Israel

    Enjoy a private dinner with Judge Jeanine and invited guest Prime Minister Netanyahu to celebrate the 51st Jerusalem Day events!

    I was thinking we could get a GoFundMe together so you could attend. Wouldn't that be a riot!

  2. I once witnessed one elephant stick his trunk into anther elephants ass and pull out a big load of dung and proceed to eat it.

    Nitwityahoo should never be compared to the magnificent creatures, he is nowhere near their league

    1. Yes, you're right, should of put in some kind of disclaimer so that the magnificent gorilla wouldn't get stained with that parasite Nuttyahoo.

  3. Wait until Netanyahoo flings poo like other apes do!!!

  4. Wait until Netanyahoo flings poo like other apes do!!!


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