Monday, November 27, 2017

Another PHONY anti-Semite FRAUD is Outed...Is the Holocau$t™ Racket in Danger?

Yet another PHONY anti-Semite fraudster Jew is caught again, this time in France:
Hoax Confirmed: Juif Tags in Marseille (2017)

According to the European Jewish Press – and as noted by Diversity Macht Frei it has made quite the splash in the French media as well – (1) the following has been occurring in Marseille, France:

PARIS---CRIF, the umbrella group of French Jewish organisations, expressed outrage after anti-Semitic inscriptions, such as ‘Jew’, were found on storefronts and garage doors in the center of the city of Marseille in southern France.

‘’We are shocked by these acts, the fact of writing the word "Jew" on storefronts recalls the darkest hours of history. We cannot tolerate such actions, either in form or in substance,’’ CRIF said. ''It is necessary to let the authors of these obnoxious tags know that their actions will not go unpunished,'' it said.

A complaint has been filed and a police investigation is underway. The President of CRIF in Marseille, Bruno Benjamin, said he was in close contact with the governmental body in charge of the fight against racism and anti-Semitism.
Last month, a plaque in memory of Ilan Halimi was vandalized and covered with anti-Semitic inscriptions, insults and obscenities. Halimi, a 23-year-old Jewish Parisian, was abducted and tortured during 24 days in February 2016 by a gang calling itself ‘’Barbarians’’ because he was Jewish, until he died of his wounds.’ (2)

The problem however is that jews were left with egg on their faces after it emerged a day later that the ‘Juif’ tags were done by a local jew and were not political in object. (3)


Scratch another ‘anti-Semitic hate crime’ hoax!
But that didn't stop the (((MSM))) from screaming to the heavens that anti-Semites are alive and threatening to bring back Der GASSEM Chambers....until the hoax was exposed, then they have memory loss until the next phony anti-Semitic fraud.
WARNING: It is a thought crime to read these following truths about the phony Holocaust™ that was also used to cover up the mass-murder of over a million Germans troops, at the end of WW II, AFTER they had surrendered.
The German chemist Germar Rudolf, who worked at the Max Plank institute for Solid State Physics, is now in jail, because he likewise measured the high levels of the cyanide in the walls of the de-lousing chambers. It happens that this gas bonds permanently with iron, and iron is present in all the cement etc of stone walls. Whereas, he found none in the walls of what were supposed to be the ‘gas chambers’ which were mainly shower units.
At the Auschwitz trial held at Frankfurt in the mid-sixties, the court had to conclude that it lacked ‘almost all the means or evidence available in a normal murder trial’ including ‘the bodies of the victim, autopsy reports, expert reports on the cause of death, evidence as to the criminals, murder weapons, etc.’ Far from leading to doubt, this gave to the mythic gas chambers a metaphysical status, doubt of which was forbidden. ‘No documents have survived, perhaps none ever existed,’ concluded the Holocaust historian Léon Poliakov.
I'm waiting for another Israel masterminded 9/11 False Flag that will be blamed on Syria and Iran, the last two bastions standing strong against a complete Zionist smashing of the ME for the glory of Apartheid Israel.

Hoax Confirmed: The Gassing of Golders Green (2017)

Hoax Alert: Bathroom Swastika at the University of Michigan (2017)

Hoax Alert: The Stoned Synagogue (2017)

Israeli-American Teen Arrested for Antisemitic Hate Crime Hoax Spree
Jews Scramble as Second Israeli Arrested for JCC Threats

The arrest of a second Jew for the wave of “anti-Jewish hate crimes” against Jewish Community Centers (JCC) in the U.S. has left Jewish supremacist organizations and individuals scrambling to explain why the single greatest spree of “anti-Semitic” incidents in recent history originated in Israel.
NOTE: You best start saving these HoloHOAX alert stories on a CD or something, since they're getting very difficult to find online. Gosh, GOOGLE would be trying to rig the search settings, would they?

OY VEY GOY, you better get back to worshiping the Holocaust™ and send Israel lots more money, weapons, plus, keep killing REAL Semites in Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Palestine or else!

Will the world ever be rid of these blood-sucking parasites or will it forever be under the spell of Judaism and its bastard spawn, Communism and Zionism?


  1. you gotta hand it to them {{{THEY}}} certainly have cornered

    the market on CHUTZPAH....

    curiously the Old Testament is not about {{{JEWS}}} all.

    The Children of Israel in Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 & 33 never

    "Turn Into " any so-called "Jews" in "Judea"....before Jesus

    Shows up to let {{{THEM}}} adjudicate themselves [John 8:33]

    whereby the Messiah for the children of Israel & "Mankind"

    as the King of Righteousness {which "Jews" must Hate}...establishes

    FOR THE RECORD....their "genetic heritage" [@ John 8:44]
    such as it is, but the simple truth for the record
    is the modern day so-called "Jews" are not only not
    Hebrews, nor "Israelites" from the Bible,
    but are not even "Semitic" to begin with....

    "The four mitochondrial lineages common among Ashkenazis
    are now very rare elsewhere in the land of Gog & Magog - the Near East,
    making it hard to identify with certainty the lineages from which {{{they}}}
    migrated to the west after they left the land of Gog & Magog
    to spread their 'religion' by THE business model of mass murder for filthy lucre
    in covinous collusion with the "Money Changers" & "Pharisees'....ET AL.

    truth is the Almighty/Creator
    designed these economic parasites to enforce the 1st Commandment,

    the consequence of violating the FIRST COMMANDMENT is DEBT BONDAGE,

    you gotta figure what are the odds of that, you know...

    Jesus declares emphatically that {{{THEY}}} are descended from the first

    two-legged reptile, a known LIAR & MURDERER....from the beginning.

    then @ Matthew 13:39-43 Jesus declares that the DAY will come when these

    children of the Devil will be rounded up and put into the Eternal Ovens

    OF TRUTH....Joe Bob sez check it out, dude.



  2. BUT, BUT, BUT, Steven SPIELBERG says ooooyyyy veeeeyyyy!....I make a brazillian shekels

    for the tribe!!!!! "VE VAS GASSED I TELL YA, GASSED!!!!!"


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