Thursday, November 30, 2017

When it Comes 2 ISIS Buds the White Helmets, NO FREE SPEECH ALLOWED

The “White Helmets” organization acting in Syria is hailed as heroes in some countries, and the West provides millions of dollars to these so-called saviors. However, residents of Aleppo (Syria) claim that “White Helmets” care only about money and saving rebels, but not civilians. People from Fua and Kafraya confirm allegiance of “White Helmets” to world recognized terrorist organizations like Jabhat an-Nusra or Al-Qiada and testimony “White Helmets” participation in public executions. The videos that this organization produces are astounding Internet-users all over the world. The briefing, according to the speakers, is designed to give « a clear view on what is the real agenda of these Hollywood so called “first responders” who received an Oscar for their performance.

Tuesday night, watched a few minutes of that VICE 'news' show, the one that Muslim hater Bill Maher has $$$ invested in.

They had a segment on Syria and it was a splendid piece of propaganda. They even showed the head chopper buds, the White Helmets for a bit, running to another something..

Then they showed stock footage of some jet dropping bombs and blabbed that Assad was still killing his people, using bombs and missiles--I won't get this exact on the quotes, but close enough.

They then showed Ghouta (sp?) that has been decimated, mostly by ISIS thugs, but not in VICE land. They went to a room or so, showing mostly kids and some babies, crying from pain from the wounds Assad had inflicted upon them. Except I never saw any actual wounds, did see what looked like blood, but the wounds I've tended to over the years had blood spilling all over the body, not looking like someone had dabbed some red dye moulage on the body.
(This is a moulage wound)
They zoomed in close to one baby that was crying his head off, nice touch.

Then they claimed Assad was also using starvation to kill Syrians, denying food shipments to parts of Syria.

That's when I turned it off, before I puked.

Syria is still in the batshit crazy NeoCONs and blood-sucking Zionists sights.

Guess they and the rest of the ME won't be safe until that parasitic entity that has caused a world of problems since 1947 is made to heel and disarmed of its WMDs.
Vanessa Beeley Presents Exposé on White Helmets at Swiss Press Club in Geneva

The western-driven myth of the White Helmets continue to disintegrate. Despite the efforts of alleged ‘free speech’ advocate NGO Reporters Without Borders to shut this event down, Swiss Press Club head Guy Mettan went ahead as scheduled. Reports Without Borders even went as far as to draft a formal complaint demanding the event be cancelled, alongside protestations by UK-based ‘Syrian opposition’ group Syria Campaign.

Today at the Swiss Press Club in Geneva, 21st Century Wire Associate Editor Vanessa Beeley presented a dossier on the dubious UK-backed NGO known as the ‘White Helmets’ which included up-to-date information on their links to al Qaeda affiliates in Syria, as well as exposing the western propaganda organisation’s many bogus claims, including having ‘saved 99,220 lives‘ since the western-funded construct based in Turkey was created in late 2013.

The press event featured presenters Beeley, along with Richard Labeviere and Prof. Ferrada De Noli from Swedish Doctors for Human Rights. A factual film (in contrast to the Netflix fiction) exposing the White Helmets was shown to attendees and media, followed by presentations by the three aforementioned speakers with a Q&A session.
Click on the link above to see more proof that the White Helmets is just another Zionist front for waging endless war against Syria for the benefit of Apartheid Israel.

This is what its really all about...


  1. The whole Syria thing reminds of the the fairly recent Iran protest against the Islamic government. Most of the US Iranians are secular, anti-Islam that I know here, and I got into some heated debates with a few who were supporting US intervention in Iran back at the time. As I don't like to dictate to natives how to feel about their government, but in the words of the Syrian president, "A revolution is usually done by the people, not by importing foreigners to rebel against the people". That's what inviting imperialists to intervene is, and imperialists NEVER LEAVE. That was my argument, but the opposition didn't seem interested. I said my piece and stopped harping on about it because I knew these Iranians personally. I DO understand what they don't like about the Islaimc Republic, but inviting in the CIA and MOSSAD just didn't make sense to me. The Syrians display the same illogical reaction to kicking out a government. For Pete's sake, if they like USA so much just STAY here and be like the republican dumbshits.

  2. I have been saying for the last year that these "White Helmets" are frauds and nothing more than another weapon of US tyranny against the Syrian people... And I have posted several articles at my own blog covering this fraud as well....

    Thanks, Greg


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